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Disturbing social media profile emerged of Roseburg, Oregon shooter

October 3, 2015

My heart went out to the victims of the shootings in Roseburg, Oregon. Details of the gunman remained a mystery. He did leave behind a disturbing portrait of a lonely youth, who detested oganized religion. As of this moment, there weren’t any other patterns or links other then social media profiles that painted a dark disturbing picture of his character. He was just quiet and lived with his mother close to Umpqua Community College.

Here was what was known so far:

  • The email symbol he used, the iron cross, was a Nazi relic
  • He was not a fan of established religion, required a pagan or wiccan, or spiritual woman. Wanted someone who shared his values
  • He shot Chistians in the head. Others were shot in the leg if he got no answer
  • His profile pictures glorified violence and showed him posing with guns
  • He was a fan of Vester Flannigan, the Roanoke, Virginia shooter.
  • His stepsister, Carmen Nessick, said there may have been some type of learning disability

Even though this shooter was a known 2009 graduate of the above school, his friend, Rada, saw him as a normal person. He defended girls against male trouble makers. He did have a hidden darker streak. For example, he favored horror movies and listed killing zombies as a hobby.

The only clear link to this tragedy was on his Myspace account. Here were some other facts:

  • He was holding a rifle alongside posters for the Irish Republican Army (IRA)
  • One of the images is a magazine cover from an Irish newspaper with the headline “British army could not defeat IRA.”
  • Another poster, depicting black-and-white armed figures wearing balaclavas, quotes hunger-striker Bobby Sands: “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken.”

The strongest link to this tragedy had more to do with the blog post regarding the Roanoke Virginia shooter. Which had his email address. This blogger saw an emerging profile of someone with a problem. He struggled to blossom with others,but opened up to a teacher at the school. The why behind this incident was still cloudy. What local event set him off?

Obama’s speech bothered me. This problem wasn’t ‘common’ in any form of the word. The affected community was not ‘numb’ to this tragedy either. Students and staff on campus preferred to remember the victims, not the name of the shooter. Something should be done to prevent these acts of violence.

The problem with the ‘powers that be’ were that they were afraid of the NRA. To take the right to keep and  bear arms out of everyone’s hands was a violation of the Second Amendment. One comment on Yoboogle said they should focus on the laws already on the books and not make new ones. They were adequate enough.


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