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Growing pains at Walmart: Layoffs at the head office to make the company more efficient

October 2, 2015

The Wal-Mart layoffs were only to affect the home office in Arkansas. Even though the CEO refused to comment, evidence of this was started Wednesday when employees started filing resumes. The cuts to the office staff were to make the company ‘more efficient’.

It was never a good time for anyone to lose their job, even if it was a layoff. With the holiday season around the corner, this was even worse. In the last few years, layoffs were the least of the three stores here. Most of the time, finding workers to mind the cash register became a major chore. No one wanted to work the holiday rush.

In 2013, after a two hour shopping trip, there were only three of ten registers open to check out. The lady ahead of me, a young college student, said the reason why no one wanted to work was because they weren’t getting paid. One of my church friends said that two years before. They were getting more selective on who they hired anyway,. My application got rejected twice.

Fortune Magazine said that five stores supposedly had plumbing issues. Some said they were closed to get even somehow. They were reviewing theier stores in order to improve customer srervice and the community as a whole. Unfortunately the impovement in wages in February didn’t stop the more than 2000 workers thay were laid off from filing a grievance stating:

“City officials in Pico Rivera say that nothing has been brought to their attention and no permits at all have been sought for any work,” according to the complaint. Wal-Mart temporarily shuttered the other four stores due to plumbing as a way to “mask” the retaliatory nature of the Pico Rivera closing, the complaint says. The filing asks the NLRB for injunctive relief and to compel Wal-Mart to rehire the 2,200 workers who have been terminated at all five stores.”

Walmart stated:

Wal-Mart contends that there is no basis for an injunction. “Each of these five locations had more than 100 plumbing problems reported over the last two years, the most out of our more than 5,000 stores in the U.S.,”

The head office didn’t have a cash register in it, even though the layoff announcement wasn’t supposed to be announced till Friday, the effects were seen as an omen. Shares of the stock were down 1%. Maybe they should make things better at the lower levels instead of streamlining the head office or not be open for 24 hours.


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