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Safety concerns went far beyond female tennis players


The safety of sports people were paramount in this day of attacks. It wasn’t what happened to well-known tennis player, Monica Seles, 22 years ago. With the attacks in France, and the Boston bombing still fresh in the minds of those affected, athletes, like that of any high profile personality had to be even more careful. People one met online were just as deadly as those in person. Because social media allowed fans to have gotten close to their favorite sports personalities, safety on a national tour was one of the major concerns of female tennis players.

1 Peter 4:15

But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler (ESV)

Other then the heat, some told security that they were stalked or had received death threats from people online because of a major life change like getting married. It was doubtful whether this writer’s life would’ve ever reached that pinnacle. The worst thing that ever happened was that people posted nasty words or pornographic pictures on line or asked me if a certain part of their anatomy wanted to be seen by me. That was when the report button came in handy. One man on a dating site begged me to send him money to which my sending proof of that got them removed.

It wasn’t just the tennis players that had trouble. David Letteman had a stalker too. Margart Ray committed suicide in 1998. She suffered from manic depression. In the case of Tonya Harding’s ex -husband and a few of his friends, Nancy Kerrigan was the enemy because she was the competition. Ms. Harding was convicted, fined for her part in the scandal, and banned from figure skating for life.

One of them said hello and called me a beautiful butterfly. It creeped me out so bad he was blocked. One of the people who were supposed to be my friend said something so gross it made me sick for two days. It never got as bad as the article. In the case of this tennis player in the article, her life was threatened. Because her attention as turned from him to someone else. It was any wonder why high profile people needed bodyguards when out in public and a vast security system at their place of residence.

Remember the bombing in Atlanta in Centennial Olympic Park in 1996?  That was a terrorist attack also. As Boston tried gaining the bid for the 2024 Olympics with a bomb in their past, it was a wonder what safety measures were in place to protect he athletes. Most of their plan was unfinished even now. Security was to have been tight with ISIS cells in all 50 states.

When on tour, it was always wise never to have given the room number where they were staying or even a phone number. One sponsor delivered  their products by courier, rather than give out the names and addresses of their clients. It was just something that they did to protect their investments. At least two of the stalkers mentioned in this article followed two of the players whose ex wives looked a lot like these tennis stars. It was because of unstable people that there were 3 foot barrier around the bleachers and extra security facing the crowd during the change over.

Bid 2.0 had wrinkles in it

Boston 2024 Olympic logo

What was wrong with Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympics? The organizers were saying that the package they proposed was only half done at best. They compared it to a child that had a long time to look at and complete the assignment in stages, but waited till the night before to take a look at it.

The redone plan was to have brought in money through tax revenues, like jobs, revamped housing units, and a lot of other extras that left a lasting impact on the city itself. One drastic improvement would have been the city’s transit system. The bid had extensively laid out plans to redo two neighborhoods into an Olympic Stadium and athletic village. Private developers would pay funds first to move residents and buy materials for the overhaul of these two places after buying the land. The city was to have offered large tax breaks as a dangling carrot both before and after the games.

It reminded me of the failed $125 billion bond that was supposed to build a mega school in my city, last year, but the school board didn’t finish their assignment. Issues with water supply, parking, security and what to have done with special needs students were the main wrinkles, even after combining two of the oldest high schools and making one junior high into a ninth grade center.The aim was to have competed with the bigger 6A schools in the metroplex. In short, they weren’t listening to what the residents in the city wanted.The bond last year failed.This writer wondered if that wasn’t the case for the 2024 Boston Olympics.

One of the major liabilities was insurance. It was missing from the package proposal The host city, like a landlord, had to have  an insurance policy for the properties rented to the athletes. That covered costs that went over the proposed amounts. They drafters set aside an amount, but they didn’t have any backers to cover them. In addition, only about one-fourth of the total venues had spots listed, the rest didn’t have a location. Like the failed school bond last year, the bidders hadn’t spoken to anyone that all these changes would have affected should this idea be accepted.

If the powers that be gave a thumbs up, Bid 2.0 still had major holes to fill in their plan. If they gave a thumbs down, they still had a major problem convincing the rest of the Olympic Committee that the city of Boston was a good venue for the games. After seeing this poorly put together proposal, they might choose an alternate city.

It was this blogger’s opinion that the city should drop out of this bid for the Olympics. The plan still remained unfinished,with the deadline in California only hours away. If anything, the city was still healing from the Boston bombing. With so many strikes against Bid 2.0 it might’ve been better to cut and run.

Ken Paxton: Texas County officials protected for ‘opting out’ of gay marriages

Ken Paxton

In spite of the recent celebrations across the country after the ruling came down last Thursday that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, locally the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had stated that the recent SCOTUS ruling handed down Thursday stopped at the First Amendment right of religious liberties. This meant that county clerks justices of the peace and other judges kept their religious freedoms under this amendment to decline services based on religious objection.

All one had to research was Obergefell v. Hodges, but this as dangerous because it violated the civil liberties outlined in the 14th Amendment. This, in turn, opened the door to the basic witch hunt against Christians to have gotten worse. Some would have faced litigation and fines for not having served same sex-couples. Local lawyers were ready to handle such cases pro Bono, according to the noon news on KFDX News Channel 3.

The most horrific thing that some others were concerned about, also according to the above news channel was that the previous ruling made last week also opened the door to other types of marriages like that of polygamy, being married to more than one wife or polyandry, a woman who was married to two husbands at the same time. The ironic thing about last week’s ruling was that 65% of those polled said that Justices of the Peace should’ve been allowed to decline officiating at homosexual weddings.

By the time this injunction was issued, no same sex couples had come forward wanting to be married before the midday broadcast. In places like Turkey, police had to break up a Gay Pride Parade using tear gas because it was during the holy month of Ramadan. Last month, on May 13, the Gambian president threatened to slit the throats of homosexual couples in his country if he found them.

Even though the Bible didn’t actually define marriage as being between man and woman, that had been the custom from the beginning of time. Society made its choice last week.

John 2:7-10

7 Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.
8 Then he told them,“Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”
They did so, 9 and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside 10 and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.” (NIV)

The lid on the can of worms had been knocked off center. The era of marriage between man and woman was now to include gay couples also. As predicted, this writer knew that the passing of this law would incur other challenges to the law and the constitution. It would’ve been interesting to have seen this decision overturned. This blogger would’ve preferred letting the states decide this issue rather than putting it before the court.

There ought to have been a national registry of scammers like sex offenders


After seeing the story on Saturday’s Today Show called Stolen Valor. It had me wondering about a few things. How did these people sleep at night? The man in the story that got arrested for harassing the camera crew from the show wrote a letter of apology to the military, but had no words for the woman who fell in love with him. In fact, there was no feeling at all for her.

In 2012, something similar happened to me. Unlike the woman in the story above, there weren’t any money transfers. The man acted like he understood me but there were too many red flags popping up. Yes, this writer saw a lot of the horror stories where large amounts of money got wired to someone who claimed to have been in the military, had a son in West Africa, and outline what he wanted in a woman and a relationship. In the end, they either ended up bankrupt and whining or dead. The family was left wondering why.

For me, my resolve was a lot stronger. Instead of falling apart like the young girl in the story, calling my church friends and my family to thank them about their warnings only strengthened me. My not wanting to become a victim drove me to search for the name they used on line. It was illegal to impersonate someone in the military. My brother told me where to investigate this. The name never came up on any online records. There was no record of anyone with that name living in the city or state he mentioned either.

It was also a sin to falsely present oneself as someone they weren’t. The Bible said:

Exodus 20:15-16

15 “You shall not steal.” (NIV)
16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” (NIV)

After further online research, it was discovered that this man was using one of three identities and the Gmail address came from California. All this was discovered after they were reported as a fraud on an online dating service By this time, they had established themselves on Facebook using the same profile name and picture and had three additional Facebook pages. Of course, it took no time telling the social media giant my story. They didn’t have a son ether! They did, however, change the duty station from Afghanistan to Kabul The information used by me in the report had disappeared sometime last year, so did the profile picture and pages. The email address and profile picture remained the same, but the profile name changed also. There were a lot of people using that name now on social media.

There should’ve been a national registry of scammers like there was of sex offenders. They should be split into one of three categories, online dating, e- mail and phone. Believe me, my being familiar with all three was no accident. This week was very busy for me reporting phone scams. At least four of the numbers seen by me were spoofs of people posing to be from real companies. In all fairness, these were a lot easier to catch then those on dating sites. All one needed was a complete number searched on the internet and the word complaints.

The first number was a computer tech, he only identified himself as that before being disconnected by me. They called two more times on my landline June 18 once with ‘out of area ‘ on my caller ID then with the original. On June 20 they called twice. When the landline was left unanswered, they called my cell phone. Since that wasn’t the number given by me, they were reported to the FTC and my local BBB

The second number was someone posing to be from the caller’s doctor’s office. It remained unanswered by me, but was Googled like the one before which revealed a prior complaint. The ironic thing was that it was a local number, but not in service upon redialing it. A week earlier, someone called wanting me to try free pain medication. All that was required was the name and number of my doctor’s office. Of course it wasn’t given out. The reports about this number went out that week to the above agencies also.

As for my inbox, the one on AOL got more spam from Nigeria than my primary mailbox. The local news station told viewers that one had to be in the country to receive the funds. They never wire from overseas. Sensitive information should never be sent at all. In all fairness, the above mentioned country was trying to put a stop to people who were fake This writer wished them luck. The most received from me in the last two months was a notice from my spam folder that told me to send my information to receive some of the money they had from a ring they busted. Lately, they were telling me of large amounts of money won from the UK by way of that country.

The national scam registry sounded like a great idea to me.

Warren Sapp charged with domestic battery: My neighbor still remained free

Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp, NFL Hall of Fame, was charged with domestic battery. Apparently, he bit his girlfriend, threw her to the ground and stepped on her head in an incident at an M Resort in Nevada. While this zero tolerance for any type of domestic troubles kept rearing its ugly head, it hadn’t stopped a lot of its players from carrying a police record.This man had three charges against him that carried up to 18 months if he was found guilty. He already had another charge against him for soliciting a prostitute during Superbowl weekend.

At least he had a paper trail. My neighbor, who still used his woman as a verbal and physical punching bag, remained free even though the cop saw the evidence that she was hit. Until she decided enough was enough, the only thing for me to have done was to keep contacting the police and telling management of the problem when it occurred.

In Sapp’s case, the argument started when the former football player allegedly threw a margarita in her face at the resort’s pool. The police report said security tape at the resort showed Sapp aggressively pulled on the woman’s arm or purse inside the resort, causing her  loss of  balance.

His girlfriend of five years also told police that they argued on the way home and upon getting to the condo. She didn’t remember how he bit her middle finger, how she landed on the floor or why he stepped on the right side of her face. The document said there might have been head trauma.

Here’s what the Bible said:

1 Timothy 3:1-6

The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church? … (ESV)

The incident on June 20 at my apartment complex might have started in the SUV. I heard the woman’s voice scream What the hell’s wrong with him There was a crack. She screamed ouch and repeated the same phrase again, adding, “Gimme my phone!” There were a stream of f-bombs from him both outside and in the house. He threw a few things so hard that my living room pictures rattled on the wall, By this time my call to 911 went through.

In looking at the options open to me, it was better just to keep reporting these outbursts rather than trying to make a citizen’s arrest. Upon my investigation of this possibility, any miss step could land the accuser in a court of law facing criminal charges because:

1. Laws vary by state as to how one made a citizen’s arrest. In some cases, one had to witness the act of violence
2. Knowing the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. Sapp’s girlfriend had injuries to her finger and to her head. Ray J had broken ribs and other unnamed injuries when his girlfriend beat him up for spending the night at a strip club. The cop saw the injury to my neighbor and told her there was enough evidence to have had him arrested.
3. Trying to keep the perpetrator at on site was paramount for the arrest. It might have been advisable in my case to have someone able to hold them till cops arrived.

At the time of the cited article, Sapp was unavailable for comment and it wasn’t clear whether he had a lawyer. His court date was July 23. In my neighbor’s case, it was my prayer that she came to her senses  because there was a preteen girl in the house.

Two SCOTUS rulings made today: The fight wasn’t over for either one

The Supreme Court

Now that the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in a 5-4 decision, what would the impact mean for religious institutions and those that follow what the Bible said? How would states that previously banned same sex marriage adjust? Would private schools, churches and businesses have been allowed to use the ‘religious objection’ rule without being cited for discrimination?

In spite of this landmark ruling, the fight wasn’t over yet. All these places were getting the time to adjust. Yes, there might have been rulings made in the future as to who was to accept or reject what. As a nation, it was a ‘wait and watch’ situation as in the landmark decision that struck down opposition to ObamaCare.

Two things bothered me about this discussion:

1. Justice Kennedy, the swing vote, sided with the majority. A few months ago, he was squeamish about rewriting ancient Biblical teachings which he followed himself, because he was not around when they were written.
2. Justice Scalia seemed to give up on the whole situation and wrote one of the dissenting opinions.

There was agreement on this statement made in his dissenting opinion on this case:

The Supreme Court of the United States has descended from the disciplined legal reasoning of John Marshall and Joseph Story to the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

At least the Bible wasn’t that way:

Leviticus 18:22

22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” (NIV)

1 Corinthians 6:9

9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived:  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men. (NIV)

The role of the Supreme Court, according to the 700 Club today, was shifting from interpretation of law to rewriting them to fit the growing trend and not sustaining  the added responsibility of maintaining checks and balances on the other two branches of government.

The court also struck down opposition to ObamaCare, now called SCOTUSCare today. If they were smart, according to the above mentioned program,  they would send it back to committee and have them rewrite the law to clarify what they meant rather than trying to rewrite the law themselves on both. No wonder one of the justices got cranky.

Here was some of what he wrote:

“Today’s interpretation is not merely unnatural; it is unheard of,” he wrote. That is, strictly speaking, true, since this was a new case.
“We should start calling this law SCOTUScare.”

At least those in danger of losing their coverage under this plan got to keep it.

While this assured President Obama’s legacy, all that really happened was the band-aid effect. It was to have been another year before all the wrinkles were ironed out. This blogger speaks true also, it was too close to an election year to have decided this case. The problems were still there, like the gay marriage ruling, so the fight just got started.

The people who ushered change in might’ve been the victims themselves if they stood in the way.

This “arc of history” narrative is used to legitimize the vigilante justice wielded against the bigoted foes of progress. Because the future will inevitably turn toward “equality,” we are told, millennials who stand in the way have no future. They will be history. The majority of the Republican Party can be excused—they are from an older generation. But when you grow up in a time of progress, the revolution will not be merciful.

Is Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk in these clouds during lightning storm?

Featured Image -- 1370


Awesome sight!

Originally posted on

[ooyala code=”l2Mnl1dTorXFGoznUyFW8F85byUb51cu” player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]

Photo credit: John Plashal

GOOCHLAND, Va. — Six years after his untimely death, Michael Jackson made an appearance in the skies over Central Virginia.

The combination of clouds and light created an image that appeared — to some — to look like the King of Pop. The image was captured over Goochland County, Virginia during a June 23 lightning storm. Jackson died on June 25, 2009.

Photographer John Plashal said he was unaware of the Jackson imagery when he first submitted photos to the WTVR CBS 6 Facebook page following the storm. He said a storm chaser app, not a higher calling, compelled him to set up his camera outside Satterwhite’s Restaurant in Goochland where took several photos of the lightning storm.

“The image that you see of Michael Jackson just happens to be there,” Plashal said. He insisted he added nothing to the photo. “It’s…

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Latino and Hispanic people were upset over Donald Trump’s speech

Donad Trump flub

Donald Trump had already offended people in the Hispanic population. Apparently because of his speech on the US bad trade deals with Mexico during his bid for the 2016 White House, there have been negative responses.  J. Baldwin, who cancelled his July 12 performance, Cristian de la FuentesMexico, and Univision, who wanted out of their contract because of the bad comments he made in that speech of Mexico ‘not bringing their best’, had broken ties with The Miss Universe Pageant today. In spite of his best efforts, the digital proof of what was apoken could not be erased. Here was what he said on his Facebook page:

Univision wants to back out of signed Miss Universe contract because I exposed the terrible trade deals that the U.S. makes with Mexico. I love Mexico, but not the unfair trade deals that the U.S. so stupidly makes with them. Really bad for U.S. jobs, only good for Mexico.

In his 2016 presidential bid, he said: “They bring drugs, they bring crime and they bring rapists.”

It might have been too early to have called the race to see who would’ve gotten the Republican nomination, but this certainly damaged Trump’s chances of making it to the Oval Office. Back in 2012, not only had they alienated certain minority groups, with the comments that were made by Mitt Romney and some other prominent Republicans, they actually admitted their racial bias on camera.

This was what Fuentes said:

As a #Latino I can not work in an event Associated With your name. The statements you made ​​against Mexicans and immigrants show that you ‘are ignorant. It is unacceptable to launch your presidential candidacy creating rhetoric of hatred and discrimination in calling Mexicans drug traffickers and rapists. It’s a shame That Important Such an institution as #MISSUSA is now in the hands of a clown

Donald J. Trump
latin Since I can not work in an event associated with his name … the statements made against Mexicans against immigrants show that is a ignorant. It is unacceptable to launch presidential creating a rhetoric of hatred and discrimination in calling for Mexican drug traffickers and rapists … It’s a shame that such an important institution as MISS USA this now in the hands of a clown.

Rather than apologize for his rude comments, he threatened to sue Univision for breach of contract and slammed Neil Young’s copyright infringement complaint because he said he paid for the use of his song when campaigning for president. He also had a few words for the media critics, ‘jerk‘ being one of them.These were the actions of a true politician, sidestepping part of what he said  on the U.S.poor trade policies and honing in on the backlash from harsh words for a lovely group of people.

The Bible said this about one’s mouth out of control:

Prov. 10:11

“The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life; but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked.” (NIV)

Prov. 10:31

“The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable; but the mouth of the wicked speaketh forwardness.” (NIV)

Prov. 12:19

“The lip of truth shall be established forever; but a lying tongue is but for a moment. (NIV)

A mouth in control wouldn’t have said such hurtful things, The Donald would’ve been wiser to have kept his mouth shut and did his homewrk by checking facts as to who actually owned the Spanish channel. In Forbes Magazine it said that two countries own the Univision channel and neither were south of the border. They were Canadian and Dutch governments, not Mexico. No wonder the Hispanic and  Latino population got their feathers ruffled. This blogger would’ve been upset also.

Trump is going after wrong country in Univision flap

Featured Image -- 1365


This was one reason why research was important

Originally posted on Fortune:

Spanish-language broadcaster Univision today said that it will not air next month’s Miss USA beauty pageant, due to “insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants” made by presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is part-owner of the event’s parent company. Univision also said that it was ending its broader partnership with the group.

In response, Trump claimed that Univision had folded under pressure from the Mexican government:

Leaving aside the head-shaking hilarity of Trump continuing to sidestep his noxious comments (rather than apologize), the simple fact is that Mexico’s government has no…

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NBC Attempts To Right The Ship With The First Look At The New ‘Nightly News’

Featured Image -- 1362


At least he was still working. Since forgiveness was in my heart I will not stop watching no matter who was in the anchor chair.

Originally posted on UPROXX:

Now that Brian Williams has been sent to the Phantom Zone that is MSNBC, the mother network can now work on healing the wounds he left behind and repairing that relationship with the nation that still watches the evening news. Lester Holt now gets his chance to step into the anchor chair full time and regain America’s trust.

Holt was named Williams permanent replacement on Thursday following the latter’s apology. Williams also sat down for an interview with Matt Lauer on Today Friday morning to explain himself and discuss his suspension, calling his suspension “torture” and claiming that he “was not trying to mislead people.” If you watch the promo for Lester Holt’s nightly news, you see a clear focus on the “in the field” work Holt has provided over the years. Reliance, trust, etc. It’s all there.

I’m not sure how I feel about the entire thing because…

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