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The House of Yes a dark comedy and a tragedy

After watching The House of Yes on, it left me wondering where the laughter was in this film? To me, this movie is a tragedy on two fronts and did not belong on a comedy network. After researching the title, it’s a dark comedy.

The saddest part of this movie is that no one said the word no to Jackie O, Parker Posey. It was always yes, or letting her behave the way she did. It was unclear what incident pushed her over the edge. Perhaps it was the fact that she went dressed as Jackie O on that fateful day in 1963, complete with cooked macaroni and ketchup for brains on her pink outfit, an exact replica right down to the pillbox hat and the nylons, to an Ides of March Party. The smartest thing her mother did, other than making sure the gun remained hidden, was threatening her with being readmitted to the psychiatric hospital if she did not calm down.

Granted, the bond twins were supposed to have are special, they somehow instinctively knew the other had been physically hurt or when they woke from a bad dream. The bond between these two is inappropriate because they had sexual relations after they re-enact the tragic assassination of JFK. Lesly, Tori Spelling, said it right that the above was not funny. Later, the audience realizes that her outfit offended party goers so much that they shunned her the entire evening. He tried leaving for college and his sister shot him, but he didn’t die. My problem with the final re-enactment of JFK’s assassination is how did Jackie O know where the gun was hidden or where the live ammo was?

Anthony, Freddie Prinze, Jr., was another tragic figure too. He was secretly carrying a torch for Lesly. He actually has relations with her while mother watched from the shadows. With the older sibling away at college, he is forced to leave college in order to care for his mother and sister. Unlike the older sibling, Marty, played by Josh Hamilton, he realizes the sister’s instability when someone new got introduced to the family Incidentally, Jackie O tried having him beheaded like the historical figure Marie Antoinette by using a guillotine.

The mother, Geneviève Bujold, had a secret of her own. It came out during the end of the movie. Maybe Jackie O saw what happened to her father that night he was supposed to have left. Her character was cold and calculating when dealing with Lesly. Once the secrets were revealed, including the real fate of their father, she made no effort to call the police. If I were the older sibling, carrying a spare set of keys in my pocket and a cell phone in my pocket is paramount.

At least the voice over was in this version of the movie on

The ‘not so treasured’ moments in Rio

Now that there were only a few days left in the Summer Olympics, it was time to focus on the not so great moments. Frankly, it made me wonder whether some of the athletes weren’t ejected from competition because of their reaction. The latest incident was really disgraceful with Irish boxer, Michael Conlan, flipping off the judges.

To me, this was one of the ultimate ways to disgrace oneself other than those accused of doping. Of course, this man puts his own pro boxing career in jeopardy when he gave the Olympic judge the finger. What good did lashing out at Vladamir Putin on Social media do? Regardless of the outcome, one showed more class if they walked away without that crude gesture to the judge. The digital footprint didn’t disappear when the link was deleted.

The doping situation in the beginning of the Olympic games had both the Russia team and one person from Kenya under suspicion of using enhacing drugs to improve their performances. Lilly King wagged her finger at her Russian competitor, Yulia Efimova, because she was under suspicion. A good chunk of the Russian team didn’t get to participate because of their faild test results. Maria Sharapova was baned for two years because of her failed tests in Australia. Even though Sharapova didn’t think her punishment was fair, it fit the crime. She could have been banned for life. This was just as bad as selling and using crack, cocaine and heroin. This spilled over into the members from their country in the Para Olympic Games. That whole team got sent home. These allegations were swirling around since the Olympics in Sochi.

It was worse for Major Michael Rotich, who promised a half-day warning on those drug tests for his team for more than $1000. The monitors caught him on film, which was being investigated. Rotich went back home after he was informed of the allegations. About 40 Kenyan athletes or more failed their drug tests according to the BBC. This came after they were removed from the Anti-Doping watch list before the Rio games.

Unsportsman like content seemed rampant at Rio. For Lily King’s wagging finger at her opponent, the press called her out on it. Just because she wasn’t the one being investigated for doping, it didn’t mean she should have made that gesture to her Russian competitor. It wasn’t just this and the rude gesture the Irish boxer made. America wasn’t responsible for the Zitka Virus outbreak. I appaud U.S. Women’s Olympic Soccer player Hope Solo for ignoring that from the Rio crowd. The image she posted on Instagram didn’t help, but everyone was concerned about it.

This, at least, was not as bad as John McEnroe. I wondered how long his tantrums would be allowed until they reprimanded him for it. Not only was he ejected from the 1990 Australian open he was winning, he was fined over $6,000, for his outbursts. Another well-deserved punishment.

The crowd in Rio can be brutal though. They turned against their competitor, Argentina too when they mocked Neymar’s injury showing he had a plastic spine. What about the unacceptable behavior of the crowd when French gold medalist, Renaud Lavillenie won in the Pole Vault competition was booed by the host country again for the second time? This blogger agrees that the behavior was bad.




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Gabby Douglas’ critics need to chill out!

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By hooking VCR and DVD player right, TWC tech kept 9 rating

Yesterday, was a busy moment for me. In addition to church service, there was an appointment with a Time Warner Cable technician to reboot the cable box. Some of my favorite channels were missing. Most of this didn’t bother me as long as “Doctor Who” was accessible on BBC America on Saturday night.

While my mother visited Saturday, the above channel went out and panic rose in me. Normally, one got “This channel will be available shortly Reference code $0012”, which meant the digital signal was available within seconds. That day, this message appeared on screen: “This channel will be available shortly Reference code $0011”, which was an unfamiliar code. Friday night, while watching the Hallmark Channel, this code showed up and the movie broadcast viewed by me never returned. It was still showing this code Saturday and Sunday.

Several other of my favorite channels were missing too, even on the basic tier. Some were: CN, Boom, Sprout, and Freeform, This was what prompted me to contact customer service. The attempt to reboot the cable box was unsuccessful mainly because of my inability to reach the white cable cord being handicapped and confined to a wheelchair, disconnecting it and reconnecting it after they sent a signal. Another person tried to help me by doing this a few hours later. He felt stupid when I relayed the reason for the above condition. It should’ve been in the notes.

At least they were able to get a technician out this Sunday past. Normally, they only worked on weekdays and were only available on weekends until 12 p.m. A call like mine normally got scheduled for Wednesday at the latest. Even though the church an dropped me off last, it was still in time to get the second automated message reminding me of my appointment of the technician’s arrival between two and three that afternoon.

The technician told me the signal coming into the apartment was excellent, the problem was the box. Once channels began missing it was the beginning of a dying box. It was time to get a new one. The new box was half the size of the old box and had an adapter. It took a little bit longer to boot up after the diagnostics screen was set. The tech would have left my VCR and DVD players unhooked if I hadn’t asked why those chords were left loose. Trending topics were also on television. Reviews were part of my writing. He didn’t know how to rehook them. He learned though basically because my DVD player played through my VCR The ironic thing was he did it right without messing up my settings on both. Now watching “The Peanuts Movie” was paramount. Most of the time, I fell asleep and woke up at the ending. This secured his 9 rating.

The best thing about older equipment was that it was built to last. This was one reason why switching to a high powered television and DVR wasn’t necessary at the moment. The bad news was like all equipment it needed replacement when it broke down or was no longer serviceable. My brother told me the Blue Ray player that he was to pass to me no longer played either type disc. The player also didn’t have the three prongs with the red middle that hooked to my TV either. If nothing was broken, why fix it?

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Family Support in Writing

M. J. Welcome

Recently I was asked to share my family’s reaction to my writing both positive and negative. The positive side is easy because my sons and my husband have been supporters of my writing from the beginning. They encourage me, help me edit my work, and give me helpful criticism by asking difficult questions, which forces me to clarify areas of ambiguity.

Supportive Encouragement
There were times when I felt so low because rejection letters poured in. I was at the brink of giving up. I thought I would never make it as a writer. My family stepped in and spoke words of reassurance. They focused on what was good about my storyline or characters. They identified areas in which my writing had improved and gently told me what I could do to make the piece stronger.

Helpful Editing
I have never enjoyed the technical side of the English language. Grammar, punctuations, tenses, or adjectives were never areas of strength. In college, I would have people reread my work until it was “perfect”. I knew my shortcoming, so I relied on those who were better to review my work until it was ready for submission. My husband Dwain is wonderful at this.

When I decided to pursue writing as a career, I knew I had to learn to edit for myself. So I took note of what my family said was a pattern and I consciously tried to look for those problems in my writing. I joined critique groups, read articles and books on editing; I was also a judge for several years, in the Inspirational category of the Silicon Valley RWA chapter’s ‘Gotcha!’ writing contest.

Thanks to practice and loving support, I have made drastic improvements and now I’m able to edit and proofread other writers work with expertise.

Compassionate Questioning
In the beginning, I was defensive when people asked questions about what I wrote. I viewed it as criticism. Then Dwain took time to explain why he asked questions it reduced my sensitivity. Questions help to clarify things, they offer areas of further exploration or development, and ignite a creative spark.

Although some questions are asked to belittle or tear down a person and their writing, others offer a beautiful opportunity to hone and create something that is even more splendid than the original draft.

Family support may be a rare thing for many writers, but when you have it, you are truly blessed.



M. J. Welcome is a public speaker, copywriter, proofreader, and author. Her books include Overcome Secret Sins in 15 Days, Battling for the Light, The Adventures of Charmaine the Cockroach, Bella’s Dream, Debate Handbook: The Smart Way to Exercise the Mind! (Volume 1), Excuse Me! Let Me Speak…A Young Person’s Guide to Public Speaking, The Excuse Me! Let Me Speak Teachers Manual, The Excuse Me! Let Me Speak Student Guide The Easy Way to Write and Deliver a Great Speech!, and The Smart Guide to Public Speaking.

Michelle is also a publisher and editor at Smart House Publishing located in Far Rockaway, New York. She lives with her husband Dwain and their two sons.

Visit Michelle’s websites:

Family Indifference to Writing

By:  M. J. Welcome

Indifference, dismissiveness, or belittling are some of the words writer’s use when they speak of their family’s interest in their craft. I’m not sure why some family members fail to encourage, exalt, or uplift a writer who is pursuing their dream. But it happens too often.

Although I receive support and encouragement from my immediate family, it is not true of my extended family. If I had to describe their interest it ranges from polite tolerance to indifference to disinterest or belittling.

Polite Tolerance

When chatting with family members on the phone inevitably the question is asked, “What are you up to?” Hope leaps into my heart for a brief moment. I start to share my latest project then the deafening sound of silence hits my ears. After about 30 seconds, I get one of five possible excuses. “I’ve got to cook. I’m tired. I was in the middle of something. It’s getting late. Or oh that is nice, have you heard—”

Polite tolerance is when a family member listens to you, but refuse to fuel the discussion with life by asking questions. Their indifference is hurtful because it’s obvious they’re not interested and are just asking the question to be polite. These family members will spend all day talking about themselves or others, but aren’t interested in discussing you or your writing.

Dismissively Rude

There are times when family members dismiss your writing as not being a legitimate profession. They make snide comments like, “When are you going to get a real job? Or who will pay you to do that? Have you gotten paid yet?” Their comments can cause wounding because writing is an intimate thing. Often a writer’s craft emerges out of personal experience and is intertwined with the identity of the writer. When the writing is discounted or dismissed, it’s as if the writer is being disguarded. It is rude, insensitive, an often painful.

Belittling Comments

There are still other family members who belittle a writer’s efforts by making statements like, “I should write a book. I should become a writer. It can’t be too hard to write a book.” Comments like these are cloaked attacks, which pierce a writer’s heart.

Elated from completing a written work, the writer shares his or her achievement with family, expecting to get accolades, praises, or encouragement in the endeavor, yet what’s received is that anyone can do what you did. It isn’t a big deal. Look, I could write what you did and I would be better at it. In each case, the selfishness of the family member is exposed.

The truth is, not everyone in your life will be supportive of your dream to write. In fact, most will not. If you have one or two individuals who support and encourage you then you’re blessed. Many may try to discourage you because secretly they are jealous or envious of you because you have the courage to create something new with each story or article and you exist outside the box that’s why they feel intimidated.

Whatever you do, don’t let negative people rob you of the positive joy of writing. It is who you are and part of your nature to create.



M. J. Welcome is a Christian public speaker, copywriter, proofreader, and author. Her books include Overcome Secret Sins in 15 Days, Battling for the Light, The Adventures of Charmaine the Cockroach, Bella’s Dream, Debate Handbook: The Smart Way to Exercise the Mind! (Volume 1), Excuse Me! Let Me Speak…A Young Person’s Guide to Public Speaking, The Excuse Me! Let Me Speak Teachers Manual, The Excuse Me! Let Me Speak Student Guide The Easy Way to Write and Deliver a Great Speech!, and The Smart Guide to Public Speaking.

Michelle is also a publisher and editor at Smart House Publishing located in Far Rockaway, New York. She lives with her husband Dwain and their two sons.

Visit Michelle’s websites:

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