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Was the Apple Watch marketed to the wrong crowd?

Was the Apple Watch marketed to the wrong crowd?.

Was the Apple Watch marketed to the wrong crowd?

Apple Watch

With consumers learning to use technology like the iPhone and the iPad it’s a wonder that people were skeptical about the Apple watch making its debut on the market April 24, especially something with a large price tag to it like Microsoft’s hololens .

In spite of the yawn from things like the iPhone, people were turning to smart phones like those from Samsung. A lot of my friends were still using the Galaxy SIII instead of buying the updated versions out now. As for the iPad, well, other tablets were seen by me at church in the place of Bibles, my pastor uses one during his Sunday sermons. Having two Bible apps on my phone were convenient too.

Even people on the runway in Paris didn’t respond to the newest high tech watch, which could enable the wearer to surf the ‘net, receive phone calls, etc. With the exception of monitoring the heart rate blood pressure and number of steps to burn a few calories, what purpose did this watch serve? A lot of its computer functions could‘ve been done by tablet, phone, or computer. At least the multi-colored dress had a function on the runway.

It’s almost like the operating system Microsoft 8.1. Previous versions of Windows operating systems weren’t totally dead yet in spite of support for Windows XP having ended last year. With Windows 10 debuting this summer, it was a wonder what the rush was anyway? Not everyone was eager to upgrade to Windows 7 or had the funds to buy a new computer.  Luckily for me, my computer malady was as a result of upgrades from the MS site or a renegade third-party. When CDs and DVDs came out, not everyone tossed or sold their VHS, cassette tapes, or vinyl records. As music and movies became digital, CD’s, and DVDs didn’t totally die either. Who would’ve purchased a hololens with a starting price tag of $10,000? This watch was doomed to suffer the same fate. They were better off sold to studios like Lucas Films or the like.

The only reason why handling difficulties were easier on the older computers was because it happened so often back then. For instance, my knowing how to reset the modem/router combo received from the cable company last year didn’t mean I was smart enough to fix my current situation. Certain browsers butt heads with the preferred browser, Google Chrome. Removing these browser protect programs enabled me to surf the web on the other laptop with Windows XP. The updated musical program wouldn’t work on my old laptop, but it thrived on Windows 7.

Hoping the Apple watch would get sales as an accessory on the runway didn’t turn out too well. It might have done better in a different setting that highlighted the latest in computer gadgets.

#TIDALforALL making a big splash during relaunch

#TIDALforALL making a big splash during relaunch.

#TIDALforALL making a big splash during relaunch


Jay-Z was to relaunch his new streaming video service today #TIDALforALL was attracting more and more support for itself on Twitter. Why was this so important? In spite of the major impact digital music made in the last few years, there were a few tangles in the cord.

The biggest magnet for the new service was Roc Nation.  It offered more than just the usual for the long list of artists flocking to the site to steam their music, especially Taylor Swift’s songs, except her 1989 album. Even though this wasn’t a sealed deal, it would get her music to this site first.  Was it enough to make a big splash in the musical world? Well, right now, it only had 35,000 subscribers that paid a monthly fee of $19.95. Its competitor had over 15 million subscribers. Don’t be afraid for them just yet though.  There was less expensive level at $9.99 a month. There was a better list of terms offered to people getting this service to the tune of two times the return, something not offered by their opponents.

The biggest problem with digital music was that sales weren’t moving fast enough to make it cost effective. There were songs that I myself would love having but the only way to purchase them was to buy the album.  In all fairness though, free services for television, movies and music were better than the Pay-per -view situations offered by Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Sling TV Crackle didn’t offer the music services unless it was tied to an older show on television. Its programs were always changing too.

There were no ‘perfect’ sites that were compared in these articles for this blog piece. They all had some major problems that took them out of that running. Sometimes, it was the cost, sometimes it was poor interface quality, lack of current video  titles, etc. What was the consumer was willing to put up with? Granted, Tidal was a new service for musicians and their music, but, they had the money to pay the monthly fee of $20 with all the big name artists signing up. Time Warner Cable offered free on demand TV shows and live streaming video from their site as long as there was a purchased package.

Chocolate: Its refined roasted version fit with the health movement

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Chocolate was my weakness, especially the dark chocolate, which was supposed to have health benefits in its unsweetened variety. Most of the time, if it was purchased by me, it went on the third shelf of my pantry to avoid eating the whole quantity and becoming sick. It was about time that there was a healthier version on the market.

With everyone wanting to become healthier, making chocolate that kept most of its antioxidants was always a good thing and was able to fit in at least a few of the trending diets nowadays.

According to a Time Magazine article out this week, there was a process created in Ghana that slow roasted the cocoa beans instead of roasting them the normal way at the higher temperature. This maintained the amount of healthy antioxidants needed. For example, the benefits of dark chocolate were to the heart, and helpful with things like memory.

The hard part about doing this was interrupting the cocoa making steps. The beans have to be harvested, aged, and roasted. The last step was the most difficult because at the higher temperatures, the cocoa beans lost a lot of their health benefits. It’s equivalent to exercising and eating fried foods four times a week.

Dark chocolate was preferred over milk chocolate or white cocoa because there were, as stated before, more health benefits and not a lot of sugar. By the way, lowering one’s sugar intake greatly reduced things like diabetes and heart disease.

One of the two greatest things about working out was that they weren’t only designed to lose weight. The exercises were tailored to tone or shape problem areas like the stomach, thighs, hips and behind. Strengthening one’s core was also very important.  Did you know that walking three times a week had as many health benefits as a daily workout at the gym? Before my mother started working full time, she and two of her neighbors walked three miles a day. Her friend’s husband drove along in his car one morning. The tricks here were in finding a favorite activity and do it. Since they have video games where the body was the joystick so to speak, this could be a fun activity during bad weather.

If there were any diets to be tried by me it would’ve had to have been the Mediterranean Diet. It was in the top ten trending diets.  Most of the fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein like fish were provided in this and it was a great tool in lowering cholesterol. It came highly recognized by Doctor Oz. A study showed that people who ate this kind of diet were healthier than those not on diets. Since they ate fish from the sea, that’s where the name came from.

If one wanted to take the digital aspect a little further, both the Paleo and Mediterranean diets had apps for the iPhone and Android phones, so there weren’t any doubts about what was allowed and what wasn’t.  Choosing which worked was the difficult task. There were also apps to track how much movement one got and the amount of calories burned.  In some instances, they could’ve even recommended what to eat at a restaurant. Again, the type depended on what one wanted to accomplish with their weight loss goal. Maybe one day it would calculate how much of the healthy dark chocolate to eat in order to maintain the right antioxidant level.

Doctor Oz also recommended that it was ok to have foods not on your diet list. Like the type 2 diabetic, he used the 80/20 rule. My 20% was lunch with my mother on Saturday afternoons mostly take out foods, and the Sunday breakfast buffet before Sunday School. Fruit dishes usually went well.  However, one wouldn’t dare put anything healthier than that on the table because it remained untouched. The healthier chocolate might help, just make a cake, some cookies or a pan of brownies and don’t tell them that it’s healthy. It’d be gone before the start  of Bible Study.

There Might Be More Nutritious Chocolate On the Horizon

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Great news for chocolate lovers.

Originally posted on TIME:

Scientists are looking to make chocolate a not-so-guilty pleasure.

Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, a professor of food science and technology at the University of Ghana, and his team have figured out a new process for making chocolate that’s healthier and contains more antioxidants. Chocolate’s antioxidants are thought to be responsible for some of its health perks related to cardiovascular health and memory support. Capitalizing on those antioxidants could not only provide better nutrition, but could be of interest to the candy industry. The researchers presented their process at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in Denver on Tuesday.

Afoakwa and his team showed that tweaks to the storage and roasting processes can result in chocolate with more healthy compounds, but still the same sweet flavor.

The trick is to intervene in one of the many steps before cocoa turns into the chocolate. In typical chocolate-making, pods are first taken from…

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Newer 3D games and consoles good for some, but older ones still survive on line

Nintendo Classic

With all the talk about Game of Thrones, It made me feel left out not being able to keep up with the pace.  With the newer gaming systems, the games were more difficult to play. My inability to think on my feet made this even worse because it was like both thumbs on either hand had to work independently of the other. While with the Gameboy, this was easier than using the control from an Xbox or the newer systems. While the older games and their consoles were phased out of the market, they haven’t died off completely, which had made me happy.

I loved my father’s hand held Gameboy. On fact, he taught me how to play Tetris on the classic Nintendo gaming system right before he died almost 20 years ago this month. Since finding this game on the web and keeping it on both of my computers, my mother sold his gaming system in one of the big yard sales she had in the last few years.

Before purchasing a smart phone, in 2013, the above game was difficult to see on the small screen of my Nokia 6010 so it was not downloaded there. The buttons were difficult to press also. It made me so frustrated, that it was removed.  It was exactly why Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and their spin offs didn’t stay on my cell phone either.

This was why the newer gaming systems like Xbox can’t be played by me. My fingers were just not fast enough. Neither was my response time.  It took time, but the older games on Nintendo, Atari and Intellevision were fun once I got the hang of it. My brother taught me how to play Bump and Jump on Intelevision. I actually got to the second level without bumping into any cars. It got harder though, so leveling up was difficult. Cerebral Palsy could be such a curse at times. Not being able to keep up just made me develop some other gaming talents.

My favorite games were Bejeweled Blitz and Jungle Jewels.  It thrilled me to no end to level up to 300,000 coins and beyond playing Bejeweled Blitz. Getting enough coins to use the boosters helped a lot. Before connecting to Facebook, I had 200,000 coins and lost them all three weeks ago!  Jungle Jewels was a lot harder. I only got through all four levels one time, but it was never recorded on the computer.

At least with the Atari games, they ended when lives or time ran out. It did require two hands but one hand controlled the joystick and the other was on the fire button.  It made me proud to blow my brother all over the screen playing a game similar to Asteroids. I got a thrill getting a higher score in Wheel of Fortune then he did too. My gaming prowess was playing word games like Scrabble and Boggle or a variation of them. The robot on Pogo kicked my tail last night, but I creamed Mavis on my Scrabble desktop computer game.

I thought games like these would disappear with the newer action games being developed in 3D emerged.  Atari may have gone bankrupt two years ago, but their games like those of Intellevision and Nintendo have seen new life on the internet.



Did appearance really matter? Miss Universe Japan contestant still beautiful

Ariana Miyamoto

Why were people so critical of others ethnicity? As long as there was any kind of bias, there will always be critics. Now the Japanese Miss Universe didn’t appear Japanese enough for her crown. According to one article, Miss Ariana Miyamoto spoke fluent Japanese, grew up in Nagasaki, Japan, but was still seen as a ‘hafu’ or half-Japanese. This was because her mother was Japanese and her father was African-American. She was still beautiful enough to wear thee crown in Japan so what did it matter?

Her critics, according to another article were saying that she had too much ‘black’ in her to be Japanese. She looked too foreign to fit the mold of what they expected. For me, my friends in elementary school overseas paid me a compliment when they asked me if I were half-Filipino. Someone told me it was my hair. Yet, for my sister, high school was different. She got blamed for not being ‘truly black’, whatever that meant.

All three of us were raised to speak proper English. My brother was appalled that I picked up the poor grammar of some of my classmates, now called ebonics, in third and fourth grade and told me about it one day. Yet his oldest daughter was allowed to speak it around her friends, but not within her father’s earshot. No matter what the race, children mimicked what they heard. If the parent spoke poorly the child spoke poorly.  So I refuse to believe ebonics was a ‘black’ language. The sad thing about this was children also picked up the racial biases of their parents.

My being disabled meant that the expectations of me were that there was a mental short somewhere in my brain. I didn’t need a lot of help doing every day tasks like cooking, cleaning and bathing myself. I didn’t rely on the state to be employed, or belong to a rehab program.  I got a college education when it wasn’t expected of me to do so. My being a writer was laughed at because it was something done ‘on the side’.

Like Mariah Carey, she faced some opposition entering this competition. She was afraid her looks where going to cause trouble. Maria Carrey also faced something of the same tension Miss Ariana Miyamoto was facing now when becoming a singer. If there were any other hang-ups in her past other than looks, she wouldn’t have been chosen to represent Japan. Legally being born and raised in Japan, except for the four years in high school in America, she was, qualified.  She considered the singer to be a positive role model.

You Can Now Put Your Exact Location in Tweets

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This was great!

Originally posted on TIME:

Twitter on Monday announced that it has partnered with Foursquare, a startup focused on local business recommendations, to allow users to include their location in Tweets. Rather than a simple geographic location—e.g. “New York”—Foursquare’s data, which gathers information on venues from billions of user-generated check-ins, is more specific and contextual, e.g. “Time-Life Building.”

Beyond the product implications for Twitter, this deal highlights an aspect of Foursquare that the company is eager to tout: Namely, that Foursquare is sitting on a mountain of data that is valuable enough for a social media giant like Twitter to pay for it.

“The Foursquare platform is a pretty fast-growing SaaS business compared to the other new SaaS businesses we’re invested in,” says Ben Horowitz, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz and board member of Foursquare, using the acronym for software as a service. “To build [Foursquare’s data business] from nothing would be exceptionally difficult.”

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Israel, Iran, Their future remained uncertain

Israel, Iran, Their future remained uncertain.


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