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Natural or Straight: Why Does it Matter?


Do what you feel..

Originally posted on My Life. Defined.:

As I’m sure all of you know, last weekend hosted The Oscars. Glamour, jewels, and hairstyles of the season. Everyone was dressed up to the nines to accept (sorry Michael Keaton) their awards. The Oscars also means reviews of the latest fashions. Guiliana Rancic, a co-host of Fashion Police on E! Network took criticism to a whole new level. On the show, she essentially called Zendaya Coleman (star of Shake It Up! and KC Undercover on Disney Channel) “nasty and unkempt”. Her exact words were, “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed.” Zendaya handled herself amazingly and Rancic issued an apology. While that incident may be resolved, it doesn’t mean the criticism of black hair is. 

So. Let’s talk about hair. We all have it. We cut it, dye it, and overall change it to fit our lives. Now, as an Afro-Latina woman, my…

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Mo’Nique x Hollywood Game


I still don’t understand this.

Originally posted on THE QWEENS:

There was much speculation a week ago when writer/director Lee Daniels had stated on the Don Lemon show on CNN; that academy winning award actress Mo’Nique has been blacked balled in Hollywood because she wouldn’t play the Hollywood game.

Well recently Mo’Nique came to shed some light on that very same show with Don Lemon on what was the true reason behind why the public had not seen her since the 2010 Oscars where she made history.

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It’s over

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Racism should never be tolerated in any form.

Originally posted on TEXAS BARBECUE:

Fashion Police is losing Kelly Osbourne.

This ain’t no standard “moving on” resignation, this is post-racism controversy.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Disney actress Zendaya rocked up to the Oscars sporting a stunning silver gown and lengthy, thick dreadlocks.

During the Oscars edition of Fashion Police, E! host Giuliana Rancic took aim at the 18-year-old, saying the hair probably smelled like “weed” or “patchouli oil”.

There was outrage caused by these comments – some argued it was racially incentive.

The backlash from Rancic’s comments were not only felt by the public, but by Zendaya herself.

The Disney star took to Instagram to express her dismay:

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 3.32.06 PM

Not only did Zendaya take to social media, but so did co-host Kelly Osbourne, who took to Twitter to publicly threaten her future with the show if Rancic didn’t apologise for her actions.

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 3.34.34 PMScreen shot 2015-02-28 at 3.34.50 PM

So, Rancic apologised:

But this wasn’t enough for Osbourne, who today announced…

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Lupita Nyong’o’s Stolen Oscars Dress Has Been Recovered

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Glad they found the dress.

Originally posted on TIME:

A valuable dress that was stolen from the hotel room of actress Lupita Nyong’o after she wore it to the Oscars has been recovered, Los Angeles police said.

The as-yet-unidentified thief who stole the 12 Years a Slave star’s dress apparently returned it to the London Hotel in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Timesreports. A sheriff’s department spokesman indicated some confidence that the pearl-covered dress discovered in a hotel bathroom is the same one Nyong’o wore to present J. K. Simmons’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

“We believe this dress is the dress that was stolen from the London Hotel,” a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Nyong’o’s dress was one of the biggest stories of Oscar night even before it was stolen; covered in 6,000 pearls, the dress was reportedly worth $150,000.

[Los Angeles Times]

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Kanye West Grabs Kim Kardashian’s Butt At The Grammys

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Outrageous. This was all over the morning shows and other social media

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Not only did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look smoking hot at The Grammys, they heated up the awards show with their PDA. The rapper even grabbed a handful of his wife’s butt in front of the cameras! Too cute!

Kim Kardashian, 34, and Kanye West, 37, are not ones to hold back when it comes to flaunting their love. The famous pair brought their PDA to the Staples Center on Nov. 8 for The Grammys  — and it was hot!

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The Programmer’s Dream


Cool piece. I feel the same way!

Originally posted on Nick Bradbury:

Programmers dream of new code.

We spend a good deal of our time working on code we didn’t write for software we didn’t create, much of which we believe is horribly written (or, at least, could be done much better). We dream of a chance to start fresh, working from scratch on a brand new piece of software that will eventually become something someone else has to work on and believes is horribly written.

If we’re lucky our software will look pretty solid from the outside. It may do weird things from time to time or very occasionally crash, but on the whole end users will think it’s stable and well thought out. Those of us who can look at it from the inside are amazed by this because we see a house of cards just waiting to come tumbling down. I think one of the benefits of open source is…

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Charlie Hebdo Suspects Killed In Raid, Media Reports

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I feel or the people and their families who were lost in this attack. I am glad the terrorists were killed though

Originally posted on Deadline:

Two brothers suspected to have been a part of the killing of 12 people at the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have been killed at the conclusion of a standoff at a printing warehouse outside Paris.

World media focused its full attention on the warehouse today in Dammartin En Goele, where Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi had taken a hostage and holed themselves up on the third day of a massive nationwide manhun.Manhunt For Charlie Hebdo Attackers Continues In Northern France As nightfall approached in France, at least three major explosions were heard and European and U.S. networks showed live shots of smoke plumes rising from the building. Soon after, media reports surfaced that a raid on the building had been undertaken and was concluded.

AP made it official, quoting police:

Not wanting to repeat NBC News’ erroneous report…

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Hollywood Cowardice: George Clooney on Sony and North Korea

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I am glad Sony decicded to show the movie slated to open on Christmas.

Originally posted on Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: As it begins to dawn on everyone in Hollywood the reality that Sony Pictures was the victim of a cyberterrorist act perpetrated by a hostile foreign nation on American soil, questions will be asked about how and why it happened, ending with Sony cancelling the theatrical release of the satirical comedy The Interview because of its depiction of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. One of those issues will be this: Why didn’t anybody speak out while Sony Pictures chiefs Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton were embarrassed by emails served up by the media, bolstering the credibility of hackers for when they attached as a cover letter to Lynton’s emails a threat to blow up theaters if The Interview was released?

George Clooney has the answer. The most powerful people in Hollywood were so fearful to place themselves in the cross hairs of hackers that they all refused to…

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Don’t believe everything you read on the web.

Originally posted on Weekly World News:

PALO ALTO  – Facebook continues to deny rumors it is shutting down on May 15th of 2013.  WWN, however, has confirmed that it is true.

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Google+ Is Walking Dead

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Another reason to be careful what you read on line.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Today, Google’s Vic Gundotra announced that he would be leaving the company after eight years. The first obvious question is where this leaves Google+, Gundotra’s baby and primary project for the past several of those years.

What we’re hearing from multiple sources is that Google+ will no longer be considered a product, but a platform — essentially ending its competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

A Google representative has vehemently denied these claims. “Today’s news has no impact on our Google+ strategy — we have an incredibly talented team that will continue to build great user experiences across Google+, Hangouts and Photos.”

According to two sources, Google has apparently been reshuffling the teams that used to form the core of Google+, a group numbering between 1,000 and 1,200 employees. We hear that there’s a new building on campus, so many of those people are getting moved physically…

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