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Polanski: Polish Court to Reconvene in September for Extradition Hearing

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Will he face statutory rape charges for having relations with a 13 year old back in the 1970s?

Originally posted on Variety:

A Polish court is set to consider a U.S. request to extradite Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski. The court will sit on Sept. 22 it announced Thursday (Aug. 27), according to Reuters.

U.S. authorities continue to seek Polanski’s extradition over a 1977 child sex conviction. The case was adjourned in May after the court said it required additional information from U.S. authorities.

Polanski was arrested in Switzerland in September 2009, having travelled to the Zurich Film Festival to accept a lifetime achievement award. He remained under house arrest in Gstaad between December 2009 and July 2010 while Swiss authorities determined whether to extradite him to the U.S. before eventually being allowed to return to France.

The filmmaker has been Oscar-nominated for best director three times, winning the award for 2002’s “The Pianist”, which he was unable to collect. Harrison Ford, who presented the award and had starred in Polanski’s 1988 thriller…

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Mass shootings: Huffington Post article didn’t go far enough


In my opinion, the article, We’re Missing The Big Picture On Mass Shootings didn’t go far enough. Domestic violence was a little simpler to deal with because there were red flags in the home such as a previous restraining order in the story. What ‘statistics’ were being gathered regarding the Virginia shooting of an on air anchorwoman and the camera man this week?

What was known about Bryce Williams so far:

  1. He was a former employer of the station where the two people were shot and killed
  2. His temper might have been a factor in his temination of employment Inside Edition said he had a bad temper and had to be shown the door after being fired.
  3. While blaming the Charleton shooting for setting him off, it was him looking for trouble in what others said to him. (Note that the two vicims in the story were white)

In most of the public shootings that have occurred over the last two years, one could attribute it to two things:

  1. Prior mental illness
  2. Unhappy with their lot in life, They become part of ISIS propaganda seen on the internet.

Thankfully it was known by those three people who stopped the attack in France that the man watched

a Jihadist video before getting on the train, but he was found with a large amounts of bullets on him. In regards to the Virginia shooting yesterday, it was not known what triggered his powder keg-like temper or whether he came from an abusive household. Things like that developed over time, not necessarily over night.

The one thing that bothered me about the victims of domestic violence was what the parents taught their children when they chose to stay in the relationship for love. Young boys were taught that it was okay to hit women because they saw daddy hitting mommy. Young girls gravitated to men that had foul tempers and a violent natures because there fathers were bad tempered. At least there was one thing seen by me that this article didn’t cover. A few children placed in foster care went through weekly counseling while going to the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club during my employment in the summer of 1997.

The last point made that this article didn’t cover was that the Colorado shooter suffered from a mental illness. Lack of medication might have set him off. In the case of the Fort Hood, Texas shooter, it was well known around the base that he was an Iraqi veteran that had mental problems and he was still allowed to carry a gun. In most cases, it was human error that allowed some of these people access to weapons like guns. If anything, people with prior mental health issues should be denied entrance into the armed forces.

There were more issues to have considered then domestic violence, which only scratched the surface where some of these shootings occurred. How could anyone see the whole picture when statistics only covered a fraction of what one saw?

Joaquin Phoenix, M. Night Shyamalan Reteam for Jason Blum-Produced Project

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Cool! I need a good scare!

Originally posted on Variety:

Joaquin Phoenix is in negotiations to star in a new untitled film that would reunite him with his “Signs” director, M. Night Shyamalan.

Shyamalan would direct with Jason Blum on board to produce through his Blumhouse Pictures banner.

As with any Shyamalan project, plot details are under lock and key, but the project will likely include elements of the supernatural. Given Blum’s involvement, the project’s budget will probably be relatively small, which would be more on par with Shyamalan’s “The Visit,” another Blum-produced pic that bows next month.

Marc Bienstock also produces, while Ashwin Rajan and Steven Schneider are on board as exec producers. Production is expected to start this November in Philadelphia. The film is currently not set up at a studio.

Phoenix, who was most recently seen in the Woody Allen pic “Irrational Man,” has a track record of being choosy about roles. The last time he starred in…

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What We Know About Virginia Shooting Victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward

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This was a sad day for their families and the station they worked for

Originally posted on TIME:

Virginia journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward were killed Wednesday morning in an on-air shooting by a man who authorities say was a disgruntled ex-employee of WDBJ, the news station where they worked. Authorities have identified Vester Lee Flanagan (known on air as Bryce Williams) as the alleged shooter, and have said he was shot and was in critical condition. A third shooting victim, Vicki Gardner, was in stable condition after surgery.

Both Parker and Ward were beloved employees of WDBJ, and both were involved in long-term relationships with other members of the WDBJ team.

Parker, 24, was described a “rockstar” by her teammates, with a bright future ahead of her at WDBJ. A 2012 graduate of James Madison University, Parker was quickly climbing the ladder at the station.

“She really has done a wonderful job reporting and filling in anchoring,” WDBJ anchor Kimberly McBroom said on-air after the shooting…

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The Guy Who Hacked Jeep’s Truck Just Quit Twitter

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Good that he quit Twitter

Originally posted on TIME:

Last month, Wired magazine filed a report in which two hackers detailed how they were able to take control of a Jeep Cherokee SUV over the Internet. One of the hackers, Charlie Miller, was also an engineer at Twitter.

Not anymore.

Miller, who used to work at the National Security Agency and is considered one of the world’s leading experts on cybersecurity, has left the social media company, according to Reuters. He didn’t comment on what he is planning to do next.

The hack on the Cherokee caused a recall of 1.4 million vehicles. Cybersecurity for connected cars is quickly becoming one of the most important issues facing automakers.

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Here’s How Apple Is Saving Best Buy

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Best Buy has a new partner

Originally posted on TIME:

Best Buy continued its remarkable turnaround last quarter, with a big assist from Apple.

The largest U.S. electronics retailer reported a rise in domestic comparable sales of 3.8% for the second quarter, well ahead of Wall Street’s expectations, and posted a better than expected profit. While Best Buy has helped its cause by cutting costs and adding floor space to growing categories like smart homes, home theaters, and shops-within-a-shop for top brands, it has also been getting a lot of help from Apple and its roster of red-hot products.

“Demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in the stores and online,” Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly told Wall Street analysts on a conference call. The retailer expects to be selling the device, which hit the market in June, at all of its 1,050 big-box stores by the end of September, he added. Initially, Best Buy had planned to…

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Facing the ever-dreaded Jury duty summons—-again!

Jury duty exemption letter

Ok, some things were still a puzzle to me. This week, the ever dreaded jury duty summons was in my mailbox from the city. Five years ago, getting my doctor’s letter for the county was difficult because my primary doctor was on vacation for two weeks. The staff was no help at all. Most of the time they were short tempered or smart-alecky with the patients. Luckily, my  exemption letter was received, March 18, 2010 the Friday before the date to show up in court.

The letter, written five years ago for the county court, was supposed to cover me until aged 70. No proof was required other than the person’s birthdate. Right now, the Petit Court did not require any doctor’s note at this time. All that was required was a return of the form either in person or by mail. They did not accept faxes, even though the information number on line had one. The number on the letterhead of the form sent back had a non-working number, no one answered it Monday morning, which lead me to the search on line for another.

It was thought by me that, once this exemption letter was signed and delivered, it covered every court in the county, even the snaller ones in the city, no other documentation was needed. My sister told me that these were two different court types. Both she and my mother were not sure the exemption written five years ago was valid with the smaller court system. With my being in between doctors at the moment, it was wiser to have another letter at the ready in case it was needed.

In spite of the rudeness from the staff, my doctor had a great bedside /chairside manner. He sat with his patients and discussed the results of the bloodwork at the patient’s level. Unless his patient had a mental challenge and was a minor child under the age of 18, that was the only reason a parent was allowed in the room during the appointment. They even made my mother leave while the nurse took my vitals. The signs were there she just didn’t heed them. My friend who drove needed someone to sign for her because she was hearing-impaired. Her ability to read lips declined with her health.

The major difficulty with my current primary doctor was the expense of traveling to and from his office twice and to a lab to have blood drawn. The return visit to his office was to discuss the results of the tested blood. With my mother working, no medical van available, my friend deceased and the car she drove retired due to a broken tail light, there was nobody to take me. The medical van was retired in 2010 due to the Red Cross not having enough funds or drivers. My late friend’s father had an accident with the car that same year. Any time  he or his daughter drove the car, the broken tail light was the catalyst for getting a citation or a ticket, so they both stopped driving it.

Because of the problems with transportation to my current primary doctor  and the eed for another exemption letter from jury duty, the decision to take a look at the Kell West Hospital was being considered. They were closer to the house and had a walk in clinic.

Here’s the Origin Story of the Iconic Carlton Dance from Fresh Prince

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I always wondered how this came about. LOL!

Originally posted on TIME:

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the greatest sitcoms of our time, largely because it introduced us to the cultural phenomenon known as the “Carlton Dance.” And now, finally, we know where this iconic jig came from.

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks, told Variety that the dance was mostly improvised. It was created because the script simply read, “Carlton dances.”

Ribeiro took it from there.

“It was never even intended to be funny; it was just that he was dancing,” Ribeiro said. “The dance is ultimately Courteney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen video ‘Dancing in the Dark;’ that’s the basis. Or in Eddie Murphy’s ‘Delirious’ video, The White Man Dance as he called it. And I said, ‘That is the corniest dance on the planet that I know of, so why don’t I do that?'”

Soon enough, the Carlton Dance became a legend. Ribeiro…

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Scribe to Pen ‘Masters of the Universe’ for Sony (EXCLUSIVE)

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Good, another movie to watch

Originally posted on Variety:

After helping shape the world of Asgard, “Thor” scribe Christopher Yost is now ready to head to Eternia to help He-Man return to the big screen.

Sony Pictures and Escape Artists have tapped Yost to do a rewrite on its reboot of “Masters of the Universe.”

Terry Rossio and Jeff Wadlow wrote previous drafts of “Masters of the Universe,” which is being produced by Escape Artists principals Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch.

Set on the planet of Eternia, the story follows a warrior named Prince Adam who has the power to transform into the heroic He-Man. His nemesis is a villain named Skeletor who seeks to conquer a fortress known as Castle Grayskull in order to learn the secrets held within.

Filmation/Mattel’s “He Man and the Masters of the Universe” cartoon ran from 1983-85 and was popular enough to spawn a movie starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella which subsequently became a cult…

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Meet the First-Ever Female Army Ranger Graduates

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Originally posted on TIME:

The two female soldiers who will make history this week as the first to graduate from the Army’s grueling and legendary Ranger School have been identified as Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, Washington Post reports.

While Griest, a military police officer from Orange, Connecticut, and Haver, an Apache helicopter pilot from Copperas Cove, Texas, have not previously been identified by the Army, the Washington Post and other outlets were able to name the women after observing Ranger School training multiple times this year.

The two women, both in their 20s, proved their strength at the famously challenging school designed to create elite combat leaders. They withstood exhausting hikes, sleepless nights, little food and simulated combat exercises to test their tenacity, teamwork skills and response time.

This Friday, Griest and Haver will become the first female soldiers in history to graduate from the course in Fort Benning, Georgia…

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