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Roseburg begins to heal and forgive by focusing on Jesus

October 6, 2015

The Oregon gunman had a Satanic Maniesto according to one report by CBN’ News today. This didn’t surprise me because People Magazine published an online article this past weekend, but it couldn’t be posted anywhere because it was removed. Another source said it was recovered from his computer, but this source never received a copy of this manuscript, so it couldn’t confirm the validity of it. But CBN mentioned this source in today’s news article.

The gunman said that he was forced to become part of the demons he tried to resist. It might have been involuntary in the beginning, but his embrace of evil was a choice. He wanted to serve Satan and become a god in hell. Pat Robertson thought it might have been the number of drugs prescribed to control these demons. Someimes thes pschotrophic drugs, drugs that make the mental state of the user worse by having the opposite effect on them. This blogger wasn’t here to point the finger of blame. Along with enacting the gun conrol laws on the books already, more studies need to be done on these high powered drugs affecting the mind.

At least for my young friend this detox of removing all drugs was done to find the trigger medication that had the counter-effect on his situation. In the case of my friend that passed this year, they were taking a drug that had an adverse effect on the mind and they further suffered a mental breakdown too a few years before their death. Luckily, neither had access to any type of firearms. One was underage and the other was afraid of them. The guns the shooter had been supposedly family owned.

The gunman’s words were:

 “My success in Hell is assured.”

In spite of what wasn’t said in the first article written by me, Roseburg, Oregon now had grief counselors at the college. People’s True Crime focused on the stories of the ones that were killed and those that survived. Like the pastor stated:

“Evil was at the Cross and took the life of Jesus, but three days later, Jesus rose from the grave.”

The town has already started to heal because a lot of survivors were at church where they can forgive.


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