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Florida judge’s response to victim’s no show in court was unusual in domestic violence case

October 10, 2015

One judge in Florida jailed a woman for not testifying it against her husband for domestic abuse. This was a strange way of dealing with someone who failed to show, citing  depression and anxiety from the April 2 incident, If it were me, showing up was a statement of strength. It made me wonder what was in the mind of my neighbor, every time there was a domestic disturbance next door.

Her husband, was accused of choking her and threatening her with her life while she held their one year old son.He had a prior conviction where he pleaded to a lesser charge of simple battery. My neighbor has a preteen  girl that frequents the apartment complex. It was a wonder what she was learning from her mother about men? It made me wonder what the one year old was learning from his father about women?

Since this time, the article stated that she was living with her parents trying to raise her son without any aid from her estranged husband, claiming not to be in a good place right now. After talking to my pastor about the last outburst from my neighbors, the only thing that could be done by me was to keep reporting their trouble to the police. They would get tired of coming out here and complain to Corporate who would get on to the apartment management Anything stated by me was heresay and not seen.

Florida Judge Jails Domestic Abuse Victim for Not Testifying. [VIDEO]

The media still had a knack for only writing a story with only a small corner of a picture frame. Most of the mass shootings were done with people with emotional issues.. At least this man in the article had a prior police record for similar actions. This could have extended his jail time if she testified. My neighbor didn’t want to take that final step either.

Unfortunately, the judge refused to believe  her anxiety condition and denied her request that charges against her husband be dropped. She got three days in jail for failing to show up in court. After all this time, no charges were filed on my neighbor with the hot temper. The cycle of abuse was never going to stop until the victim puts stop to it. Sending them to jail was not he answer.


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