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Three things are needed for a happy life

May 13, 2017

Let’s face it. Everyone has times when their limits are reached. One must realize what’s important and proceed accordingly. Steve Harvey sets boundaries with his staff on the set. The memo made the news this week. There was fallout, but he is not sorry about it. The royal family has been more approachable since the death of Princess Diana. Photographers did not go near Prince George or Princess Charlotte unless their mother approves it.

Queen Elizabeth II wanted her grandsons Princes William and Harry to behave more conservative and take on a more active role in making public appearances since their William and Kate---familygrandfather, Prince Philip, will retire from public duties in the fall. Somehow, this blogger did not see either of the grandchildren becoming as stately as the Queen Mum. Both of the young royal children have learned what to make public and keep private. No one will see the public meltdown of Prince George or Princess Charlotte like they did with their father and uncle Prince Harry. At this moment, there aren’t any nannies chasing after them either. Fortunately for the young royals, the ‘soul-baring’ that the queen dislikes only adds to the charm of being a royal. That is one of the things their mother instilled in them.

I can see why, with Sunday being my day to unwind, some of my friends requested contact after three in the afternoon.

Here is what Steve Harvey’s memo stated:

  1. Staff members were to stay away from his dressing room
  2. Do not approach him in the makeup chair
  3. Or speak to him while passing in the hall unless he requests it.

Want to live a happy life? Follow these steps to achieve it.

  1. Pick a day to be electronic free. Turn off all access to the internet. My day is Sunday, since it is considered a day of rest. God rested on the seventh day, so all Christians should do the same. Most businesses operate after church as it is, unless they chose to close. Granted, my computer remained plugged in but the lid is down. My tablet and phone are on, but games are not played. This now included my television set. Even my landline phone is wireless. Like everything hooked up through the internet via my wireless router, if one goes they are all out. Going electronic free isn’t a choice sometimes.
  2. Set personal boundaries and keep them. Don’t allow your friends and family to take advantage of your time. Now that I have a client that I tutor, it’s not always good to be interrupted by family members or friends. Before I started working from home, a few people took the attitude that their intrusion is justified because I wasn’t working outside the home. I didn’t work in college either, but that didn’t mean non-stop studying because I had ‘nothing better to do’. Anyone that called before 9 am and after 10 pm better be an emergency. Anyone who had responsibilities at home be it a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or child, should put them first. My parents knew where the other was when either were out of the house. They knew where we were when we weren’t home. One should avoid the friend wanting to party at a bar till 2 am. One should ignore the 3 am phone call or text from a friend that got arrested, If someone is running the streets at all hours of the night and it isn’t normal for them to do this, that is a red flag that there is a problem.Going elsewhere to quench one’s appetite, barring a medical condition, showed a lack of respect for the person they chose as their partner. Also, it showed their level of maturity and whether they were ready for the responsibilities of a relationship.
  3. Avoid unnecessary drama. Most of the trouble suffered by me lately isn’t even mine. Getting caught in other people’s mess is energy draining and unhealthy emotionally. The constant unloading of personal baggage to family and friends gets old, real quick. Who really cares anyway? Eighty percent are glad it’s not them. The other twenty percent doesn’t care. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Baiters look for victims. Usually they’ll pick arguments with someone out of the blue. Refuse audience by not responding and if all else fails, get up and move to another area. I applied for a position at one of the local Walmart stores back in the day. One of the recent high school graduates started yelling at me because she couldn’t get hired at Work Services. I told her I had nothing to do with that. Then she whined about having to get up so early after partying till 2 am. I remarked that if she knew she had to be there so early, why did she stay out so late? I was hoping the powers that be heard her loud complaining. They probably did. I didn’t get the job, but neither did she.

Both of these social media icons sets their boundaries so that they can avoid the everyday drama suffered from the unexpected.Time may tell whether the young royal couple got it right with their little ones. The royal heirs might not need a nanny because they can work around the royal duties to be there for the children.

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