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Add the numbers: Offer what fans want

April 27, 2017

This day has been a great discovery day. Since there isn’t much of a campaign budget, it was better to post engaging content on one’s blog, website, or Facebook page. That way, there is an attraction, which will make visitors share the post. Some of these sharers will be turned into buyers and lifetime followers, i,e. fans.

On one of my other blogs, and Facebook pages, my posting three stories there this past weekend has driven my reach up from one or two to 24+. Last year, Yoboogle reached over 6,000. I am sorry to say that it was because of the beating Nia Green suffered from her mother live on Facebook. It gets worse form there. It’s not just beatings now, but killings too. With current events, video of that sort can’t be avoided all the time. The more horrific the crime the more views it gets on the internet. There is always somebody with a smart phone or other recording device that will put things of this sort on social media. After all that huhub, all I got was one subscriber.

The question of whether to pay for a boost post on Facebook is a tricky one. It all depends on what the person wants, likes, shares or page clicks. One shouldn’t get hung up on other peoples pages either. Content had its place. The trick is what kind and how often to post. Yoboogle faired better with live video content along with a piece on current events.Face

In all fairness, like the free blog to ebook situation, this blogger went looking for free downloadable software that boosted traffic to websites and the like. At least none of the programs damaged my computer with malware spyware or trojans. Most of these ‘free’ software programs had limits too. For example, one site limited me to three SEO search engines. Another limited website promotion to five urls before having to pay .88 per day. All of them exhibited issues with Windows 10, mostly scripts or other program errors.

This was just as horrible as the .3% conversion after a post reach of 4100. On my friend’s page, last Saturday, there were 22 post reach. Out of that 13 were organic and nine were paid. The page likes, views and post engagenent went up when new live content got posted. That’s what the artist should focus on.

Let’s say, for example, one is a musician. The best way to boost one’s page free would be:

  1. Posting current pictures/video content of upcoming appearances,
  2. New video of a song
  3. A link to the .mp3 file they can download and listen to from the website or Facebook page.

By doing this, one can avoid paying big bucks for FB campaigns that are at the most, ineffective. Here’s how:

  1. Live video content or pictures engage visitors. They’re attracted to what they see or hear and they want a better look/listen.
  2. Once the above happens, they download the .mp3 file and listen to the song or watch the video they like.
  3. The fan is more likely to share the post to his friends and friends of friends. There’s the free post boost in likes, shares and clicks

This didn’t happen overnight, but it did occur. Timing is everything.






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