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Avoiding the ‘catches’ with free

April 24, 2017

One thing I’ve learned so far is that free doesn’t mean top drawer .Free is a dangerous word. Paying for the program is expensive too, especially when trying to find programs that turn blog posts into e-books. Know what one gets to avoid the ‘catches’.

Desingnrr cost $27, and got difficult to use. In the promotional videos and the teaching ones, they made it look so easy! That might be part of the trip wire, trying to hook viewers into buying by showing them the ease of program use. After two days, I emailed the owner for a refund, through their Facebook Page. Thank heavens for screen shots.

One of the programs recently used by me, Bloxp, is a disappointment.

Here’s why:

  1. It wouldn’t recognize my My Blog or any of its other pages on Google+. I kept getting an error message to check the link.
  2. Even though WordPress worked, I had to eliminate unwanted posts. They set a 250 post limit.
  3. After uploading the content, the link wouldn’t flip to share it.

I did read the tips after I sent an email to the owner explaining my trouble. It made my Scam-Buster’s Survival Guide look good though.

Below were some other sites with catches.

  • Wix is a complete system that enables setting up websites, blogging and marketing. I discovered that I can write ebooks and newsletters too, so long as they are three pages, otherwise one has to upgrade to a paying tier. Right now, I pay $15 a month for landing pages, newsletters, and email marketing through GetResponse.
  • Bluehost charged me that much monthly to maintain My Writing Site, with this came SEO services and access to other WordPress plugins. The SSL certificate was another whopping $59 a year, required by Google. Until recently, their biggest problem was phone support. It took me most of the day and all three of my phone batteries to discover that one had to go through another department to get service. Now that the prices have increased, it might be economical to look to Bravehost.
  • Angelfire-Lycos only allowed six websites on its free tier. The other perks came only after signing up for a paid package. As a user, this blogger got disappointed with the whole site. Page set up was difficult. The same picture ended up on all other pages. Getting rid of unwanted themes and layouts made me mad. They never disappeared, Even the plain page frustrated me. It went back to the unwanted one. Uploading ads and video are difficult.They don’t appear well on the free tier or at all.
  • Bravenet used to be free, before people started stealing their content. Now, the premium package used by me cost $99 a year. I moved to that after paying for two years.With this price came a 10 website limit with all the bells and whistles, including email marketing and blog support. Navigation and page set up is easy, especially with video and ads.
  • Google Docs is excellent. Granted, the formatting and editing is done by me. The header, footer and page numbers were difficult in Open Office Writer. In Google Docs, this was easy. This was a lot better than Bloxp and also free. One could insert a table of contents, pictures or an outline. Users also had the option to customize their own link. The option to publish in .epub or .pdf format is the icing on the cake.

Know what one gets when they either upgrade or downgrade to avoid disappointment. Remember that one gets what they pay for to avoid the ‘catches’.


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