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“The House of Yes” a dark comedy and a tragedy

January 10, 2017

After watching The House of Yes on, it left me wondering where the laughter was in this film? To me, this movie is a tragedy on two fronts and did not belong on a comedy network. After researching the title, it’s a dark comedy.

The saddest part of this movie is that no one said the word no to Jackie O, Parker Posey. It was always yes, or letting her behave the way she did. It was unclear what incident pushed her over the edge. Perhaps it was the fact that she went dressed as Jackie O on that fateful day in 1963, complete with cooked macaroni and ketchup for brains on her pink outfit, an exact replica right down to the pillbox hat and the nylons, to an Ides of March Party. The smartest thing her mother did, other than making sure the gun remained hidden, was threatening her with being readmitted to the psychiatric hospital if she did not calm down.

Granted, the bond twins were supposed to have are special, they somehow instinctively knew the other had been physically hurt or when they woke from a bad dream. The bond between these two is inappropriate because they had sexual relations after they re-enact the tragic assassination of JFK. Lesly, Tori Spelling, said it right that the above was not funny. Later, the audience realizes that her outfit offended party goers so much that they shunned her the entire evening. He tried leaving for college and his sister shot him, but he didn’t die. My problem with the final re-enactment of JFK’s assassination is how did Jackie O know where the gun was hidden or where the live ammo was?

Anthony, Freddie Prinze, Jr., was another tragic figure too. He was secretly carrying a torch for Lesly. He actually has relations with her while mother watched from the shadows. With the older sibling away at college, he is forced to leave college in order to care for his mother and sister. Unlike the older sibling, Marty, played by Josh Hamilton, he realizes the sister’s instability when someone new got introduced to the family Incidentally, Jackie O tried having him beheaded like the historical figure Marie Antoinette by using a guillotine.

The mother, Geneviève Bujold, had a secret of her own. It came out during the end of the movie. Maybe Jackie O saw what happened to her father that night he was supposed to have left. Her character was cold and calculating when dealing with Lesly. Once the secrets were revealed, including the real fate of their father, she made no effort to call the police. If I were the older sibling, carrying a spare set of keys in my pocket and a cell phone in my pocket is paramount.

At least the voice over was in this version of the movie on

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