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The ‘not so treasured’ moments in Rio

August 18, 2016

Now that there were only a few days left in the Summer Olympics, it was time to focus on the not so great moments. Frankly, it made me wonder whether some of the athletes weren’t ejected from competition because of their reaction. The latest incident was really disgraceful with Irish boxer, Michael Conlan, flipping off the judges.

To me, this was one of the ultimate ways to disgrace oneself other than those accused of doping. Of course, this man puts his own pro boxing career in jeopardy when he gave the Olympic judge the finger. What good did lashing out at Vladamir Putin on Social media do? Regardless of the outcome, one showed more class if they walked away without that crude gesture to the judge. The digital footprint didn’t disappear when the link was deleted.

The doping situation in the beginning of the Olympic games had both the Russia team and one person from Kenya under suspicion of using enhacing drugs to improve their performances. Lilly King wagged her finger at her Russian competitor, Yulia Efimova, because she was under suspicion. A good chunk of the Russian team didn’t get to participate because of their faild test results. Maria Sharapova was baned for two years because of her failed tests in Australia. Even though Sharapova didn’t think her punishment was fair, it fit the crime. She could have been banned for life. This was just as bad as selling and using crack, cocaine and heroin. This spilled over into the members from their country in the Para Olympic Games. That whole team got sent home. These allegations were swirling around since the Olympics in Sochi.

It was worse for Major Michael Rotich, who promised a half-day warning on those drug tests for his team for more than $1000. The monitors caught him on film, which was being investigated. Rotich went back home after he was informed of the allegations. About 40 Kenyan athletes or more failed their drug tests according to the BBC. This came after they were removed from the Anti-Doping watch list before the Rio games.

Unsportsman like content seemed rampant at Rio. For Lily King’s wagging finger at her opponent, the press called her out on it. Just because she wasn’t the one being investigated for doping, it didn’t mean she should have made that gesture to her Russian competitor. It wasn’t just this and the rude gesture the Irish boxer made. America wasn’t responsible for the Zitka Virus outbreak. I appaud U.S. Women’s Olympic Soccer player Hope Solo for ignoring that from the Rio crowd. The image she posted on Instagram didn’t help, but everyone was concerned about it.

This, at least, was not as bad as John McEnroe. I wondered how long his tantrums would be allowed until they reprimanded him for it. Not only was he ejected from the 1990 Australian open he was winning, he was fined over $6,000, for his outbursts. Another well-deserved punishment.

The crowd in Rio can be brutal though. They turned against their competitor, Argentina too when they mocked Neymar’s injury showing he had a plastic spine. What about the unacceptable behavior of the crowd when French gold medalist, Renaud Lavillenie won in the Pole Vault competition was booed by the host country again for the second time? This blogger agrees that the behavior was bad.




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