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By hooking VCR and DVD player right, TWC tech kept 9 rating

March 1, 2016

Yesterday, was a busy moment for me. In addition to church service, there was an appointment with a Time Warner Cable technician to reboot the cable box. Some of my favorite channels were missing. Most of this didn’t bother me as long as “Doctor Who” was accessible on BBC America on Saturday night.

While my mother visited Saturday, the above channel went out and panic rose in me. Normally, one got “This channel will be available shortly Reference code $0012”, which meant the digital signal was available within seconds. That day, this message appeared on screen: “This channel will be available shortly Reference code $0011”, which was an unfamiliar code. Friday night, while watching the Hallmark Channel, this code showed up and the movie broadcast viewed by me never returned. It was still showing this code Saturday and Sunday.

Several other of my favorite channels were missing too, even on the basic tier. Some were: CN, Boom, Sprout, and Freeform, This was what prompted me to contact customer service. The attempt to reboot the cable box was unsuccessful mainly because of my inability to reach the white cable cord being handicapped and confined to a wheelchair, disconnecting it and reconnecting it after they sent a signal. Another person tried to help me by doing this a few hours later. He felt stupid when I relayed the reason for the above condition. It should’ve been in the notes.

At least they were able to get a technician out this Sunday past. Normally, they only worked on weekdays and were only available on weekends until 12 p.m. A call like mine normally got scheduled for Wednesday at the latest. Even though the church an dropped me off last, it was still in time to get the second automated message reminding me of my appointment of the technician’s arrival between two and three that afternoon.

The technician told me the signal coming into the apartment was excellent, the problem was the box. Once channels began missing it was the beginning of a dying box. It was time to get a new one. The new box was half the size of the old box and had an adapter. It took a little bit longer to boot up after the diagnostics screen was set. The tech would have left my VCR and DVD players unhooked if I hadn’t asked why those chords were left loose. Trending topics were also on television. Reviews were part of my writing. He didn’t know how to rehook them. He learned though basically because my DVD player played through my VCR The ironic thing was he did it right without messing up my settings on both. Now watching “The Peanuts Movie” was paramount. Most of the time, I fell asleep and woke up at the ending. This secured his 9 rating.

The best thing about older equipment was that it was built to last. This was one reason why switching to a high powered television and DVR wasn’t necessary at the moment. The bad news was like all equipment it needed replacement when it broke down or was no longer serviceable. My brother told me the Blue Ray player that he was to pass to me no longer played either type disc. The player also didn’t have the three prongs with the red middle that hooked to my TV either. If nothing was broken, why fix it?

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