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Freedom to Write

January 7, 2016

By:  Michelle J. Welcome

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Many writers have special things that they do in order to set the mood, tone, or atmosphere in order to facilitate their writing. Truthfully, I don’t have one particular process that helps me to fluently write.

Write anywhere

Over the years, I have found myself writing in my bed, at a desk, in the car, or even in the shower. When an idea comes, I give myself the freedom to flow with the thought.

Set the right atmosphere

They’re at times, for instance, when I am writing a devotional I play praise and worship music to set an atmosphere of worship unto God. I drown out all distractions and focus on Him.

Grab inspiration where you can

As with most writers, I am always on the lookout for interesting material, which I can incorporate into my writing. When I watch television, I have my ear tuned to intercept catchy phrases or powerful one-liners, which I can use in books or copywriting.

Know your subject

I have found that reading up on the subject I want to write about in a relaxed environment helps me to absorb the content better. That is why I have oil fragrances throughout our home. The aroma removes stress and pressure from me instantly.

Remove hindrances

Years ago, it was hard for me to concentrate and remain focused especially during the winter. I found out that I had Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is like depression because of the lack of light. I invested in a day light and it helped me tremendously. Since that time, I have installed top hats in the ceiling with daylights and this helps me to have continual daylight.

Conquering Writer’s Block

These minor adjustments have made such a profound difference for me. Before writers block was a regular occurrence for me now it is not such an issue.

There are no true mistakes

When I first started writing, I would beat myself up for every mistake. I would call myself names, which was self-defeating! I did not give myself permission to make mistakes. This robbed me of the joy of writing. Then something happened. The Lord moved on my heart to take the position of a student in all things. As I did this, it was made clear to me that if I know it all, I can learn nothing, but if I admit I know nothing, I can learn more.

It was through this revelation that I discovered there are not true mistakes only opportunities to learn. Writing demands freedom—freedom in mind, body, and soul. This will allow the creative juices to flow.

Whatever you need to do as a writer in order to obtain your freedom so that your gift of writing is not blocked—do it.

Carve out time for yourself, get away for a few hours at the park or in the library, read your favorite novel, watch silly shows with the children, do something goofy with your mate, take up a new hobby, get a massage or soak in a bubble bath. Whatever you need—give yourself permission to do it and watch for amazing dividends!

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