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Hold on to Your Money

December 15, 2015

michelle head shot.pngBy  M. J. Welcome

Over the years, I have grown in wisdom, but it was not the case when I first started out. As a writer and copywriter, I came across many great products, each one promised success and the ability to make a profit. I foolishly invested money in many of these schemes. I followed the advice of individuals who appeared to be thriving in business. They had the talk down pat, they were oozing with confidence, and many had the following of groupies.

The truth is that they were good at marketing. They presented an image, which I bought into, and it caused me to go into debt, by buying programs that I would never use. The accumulation of all the programs caused me to get overwhelmed. There was too much stimulation!

After a while, the weight of all the courses became too much for me, and it started to stifle my creativity. I admit that some of the programs were helpful, but most were not. Although they were priced economically, they eventually added up.

I squandered through much of my business profits to the tune of approximately $12,000 if not more. I charged many of the success in a box schemes on my credit card. And after a while I woke up and realized I had nothing to show for the investment. That is when I made the hard decision to hold on to my money!

I cannot say that all these courses were bad. But I do encourage you to investigate the ones you thinking of investing in. Sift through them. Pick one or two that you want to try then lock down your wallet. Take the time to work the product and prove its worth before you increase your deeper financial commitment.

I have not recouped my investment yet, but I have decided not to spend any more on get rich quick schemes or in guaranteed success in a few quickstep schemes.

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  1. Sustainable income was paramount to solving my dilemma

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