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Twice burned this writer learned

November 20, 2015

As a freelance writer,  it makes me suspicious when receiving job offers from my secondary email accounts. Most of the time, they were fraudulent. For example, the ones that need someone in the U.S. over the age of 21 to clear sold paintings. This one wasn’t, but it was declined anyhow because of my disastrous past with previous companies like it.

Here was my response:

Thank you for this opportunity, but I regret that I will have to decline. I never placed my disastrous descriptions of my past experiences with companies such as yours on my resume. There were three, Jobz For Writers, Essay Writers, and Academia Research.

The company in the middle, I left because it was like the two opposite it. The one mentioned first suspended me after the one who needed his paper typed kept all the information until the last minute and still expected me to type a 50 page thesis on a computer that failed. The last company gave me a job I couldn't complete. The book I needed was outdated and so rare that it wasn't to be removed from the library. It came at the last minute the day before the paper was due, in spite of my efforts to get an updated one. The money spent to get this book was more than they paid for writing the paper.

I don't know where my name came from or how you received it, but it was my wish that it be removed.

Kim Taylor

Here was their response this morning:
Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate the time you spent checking the offer and I respect your decision.

I wish you luck in all your future endeavours!

Best Regards,

It surprised me that another job similar to Jobz For Writers would ever come across any of my inboxes, let alone AOL. After so long, it amazed me that companies like that still existed or ended up in court for so much writer turnover.

The day before receiving that offer, it was my thought that most of the information was more for a high school childcare  and development class , not a 50 page college thesis. Trying to get the information needed to type the chapter was like squeezing blood from a turnip. They knew getting the information to do the job was not cheap or readily available.

This was exactly what happened with Academia Research. The book needed to write this paper was rare and hard to find, There Aint No Black in the Union Jack 1976,  but the employer needed it because the foreword in the front of the book for his paper. He knew, inter-library loan costs money, $32 to be exact. Returning an updated book to Amazon cost me a restocking fee too. All that was offered was $28.

After being burned twice, the advice of a former Vocational Rehab Counselor of ‘being careful’ was heeded. There was no need in my going through this a third time. Twice burned this writer learned.

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