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The Middle East Conflict: A Recap in Blog Posts

November 7, 2015

What was the United States doing to fight the problem in Syria? Maybe this story from CBN,The Nightmare Alliance: Why You Should Be Concerned, would open their eyes in Washington. Let’s hope so. This blogger, like the host on the show never expected the world to ever get this close to Biblical prophesy. Let’s review, shall we? Here were the list of events so far according to my blog posts:

      1. Even thought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t get a clear or a positive response from the United States when he pleaded for help with no clear plan in place, it was easy to run us over, just like Russia has with our indecision.
      2. Iran and Iraq have decided to aid Russia in backing the puppet regime in Syria. This includes the terrorist groups too, like Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, and ISIS.
      3. The Palestinians and Arabs were also in the fight to ‘dismantle’ Jerusalem’. A Palestinian group set fire to Joseph’s Tomb. Remember the protest in October?

Ok. Russia had bypassed the United States because their economy, based on oil, was in the toilet. He needed the funds to finance his strikes in Syria In spite of the talks that took place earlier, they did not heed America’s warning. What made this dangerous was that he needed the natural gas from the Ukraine also. It looked like the military base in Syria was some international law breach too. Most of their air strikes were to move us out of the way.

Now the conflict was deepening because Iran and Saudi Arabia were on different sides of the war. Iran backs Russia and Saudi Arabia sided with the United States. Here was a major concern. America just dropped sanctions against Iran, allowing them access to nuclear weapons. Iran thought that they had defeated ‘the Great Satan” by getting this long time asset.

This new threat reminded me of the antichrist all the major Middle East players have their strong personalities. This one seems to be able to move in these dangerous circles and still remain living. The danger was clear, Israel was surrounded by a host of enemies ready to disassemble the Jewish nation. From what was seen on the video that went with the story, this man was a bigger threat than all those terrorist groups. HE can rally all those nations against Israel to overrun it.

Only God can help us. I pray He does.

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