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Was this ‘Hidden Clause’ in the Netflix user agreement fair?

November 4, 2015

Was it fair for Netflix to have an embedded clause in people’s contracts with this company? It seems that this was done to stop dissatisfied customers from filing class action lawsuits. Other companies, like AT&T and Amercian Express had them too.

There wasn’t much to worry about though, because being a member of one of those companies. The outcome of the last litigation was in my favor as a user. The fee on my card became a credit instead of a debt.

Of the last, there still might be a credit for the hidden fees in my wireless charges,. Last year, the company swore to me this was just a rumor.

As a former client of Netflix, this blogger couldn’t see the reason to maintain using the service for $7.99 a month.while paying for pay per view channels through my cable company,Time Warner Cable.The Encore Movie Network was a lot less..

Apparently, the clause came back to bite both of the rival companies in the backside, because the right to sue wasn’t totally lost yet. Any thoughts?

For more information follow this link

Watch the video live


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