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Changing the party platform: The GOP had their work cut out for them

October 31, 2015

It looked like the wealthiest Americans were to pay more taxes to Uncle Sam, according to the Huffington Post article yesterday. At least it wasn’t like the Robin Hood effect where one class of people were being robbed. The middle class did carry the majority of the nation’s responsibility though. Remember Papa Bush’s ‘tax break’? During his four year reign, he gave everyone a tax cut only to smack everyone in the face with the bill the next year.

According to this deal there were three ways the IRS can increase its money:

  1. A tax hike
  2. Closing loopholes
  3. Enforcing the current laws

They chose the third option. This was what they should hav been doing in the first place. Since there was a lot of fraud going on, they should hone in on those trying to cheat the system. A good place to start was the entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The last tim my case came up for review, my earning more than the $75 limit almost cost me the money received from the government. The check earned from the Boy’s and Girl’s Club was three times that amount, but the cost to get back and forth took half of that.

The IRS wanted to implement some sort of new auditing system which would make it easier for Uncle Sam to obtain taxes from the rich. While this blogger agreed with Donald Trump wanted to take back funds from foreign countries that planned to kill us, other people in his party think the plan to reform the two main entitlement programs, crazy’

During Wednesday night’s debate, the question of reform was raised. Mike Huckabee stated that the agreement with our elders and the government needed to be honored. Once again, those making around $196,000 should pay the most. Jeb Bush’s plan last week was to revamp the medical savings account. With savings accounts below 2% , how was this to work? While he followed Christie in raising the eligibility age from 67 to 69, the medical savings account might be his undoing. He did want to give the wealthier Americans something, but their checks would be smaller.

With the freeze in the cost of living increase for those on the government roster, it was a wonder how those on ‘fixed incomes’ were going to survive next year? A rise in rent could put me out in the street if someone, like management, weren’t offering help. While this makes me feel grateful, it’s one of those things that came automatically because management knew my situation. During the two year freeze, they kept my rent at the same level until it ended in 2012.

Dismantling the Medicaid and Medicare program was a clear violation of the above contract between seniors and the government. The voucher system sounded like more of a privilege rather than an entitlement House Speaker, Paul Ryan tried doing this in 2011, but it didn’t take. The fact that this affected everyone under the age of 55 cost the Republicans the 2012 White House.

Some were saying that a few presidential candidates should drop out, Jeb Bush should be one according to Chad Morning’s article Donald Trump’s antics had him slipping in the polls. Even though Ben Carson was at the bottom of the heap, he was ineffective at doing any harm. Chris Christie did well in last Wednesday’s debate, it probably wasn’t enough to help gain the GOP nomination. This Sunday, Meet The Press had an interview with Jeb Bush on the fate of his campaign.

Not much was said about improving the economy. According to another article, the Republicans have changed their attitude in the last three and a half years. Gone was the attitude that everyone below the wealthiest class carried the weight of the nation’s problems, including the massive debt—at least in theory anyway! They wanted everyone to have a slice of the Great American Dream. This meant turning the current economic situation around from the bottom up. They certainly had their work cut out for them. Chevron 10% of their global force and General Motors were laying off 500 people from their compact car plant. The good news was, that some of the General Motors workers were getting new contracts with raises. The agreement also maintained its outsourcing work in Detroit.


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