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The young people of reduced circumstances suffered, even died from abuse and neglect

October 20, 2015

While it was great that Matt Lauer knew when to get serious about parenting, there were a few stories about parents that went the opposite direction this past weekend with parents that abandoned, abused, their children or buried them in a shallow grave. This was far worse than leaving them home alone  in squalor, unwashed and unfed.

Whatever happened to safe places where like fire stations and hospitals were one was allowed to leave their child and not face prosecution? One abandoned child was found barefoot in a diaper in a park. While there was nothing on this child, authorities were still trying to find anyone who was able to identify them.

Thankfully, this story might have had a happy ending. The boy’s family was homeless. Because they were kicked out of their home Friday night they spent the night in Love Park when he wandered off. One story wanted a ministry to use their grant money to help this family. Both he and his sister were placed in foster care pending the ongoing investigation.

During a recent Sunday School lesson, my class was talking about the children that were abandoned missing or killed this month all because parents were unable to cope during hard times. With the above story, this blogger didn’t wish to be so hard on the toddler’s parents who were sleeping as he wandered off. A lot of people were still living hand to mouth One lost job or confiscated government check would put most into a downward spiral. Most of the time people on drugs, alcoholics and even some mental patients end up at shelters, but whole families went there too when there was no where else to go.

Chance Walsh, the nine week old found in a shallow grave, was the smallest of these victims.  His mother first gave different stories to her stepmother as to why he hadn’t been seen for over a month. First, she said he died in a car crash, then he was given to a woman in a Georgia hotel. On searching the home, they found blood stains on the walls. The body was found buried near the home with fiber of a blue glove near the site. The deciding factor was the couple’s strange behavior to their missing son. They showed no emotion.

The biggest factor, Chance wasn’t  the only child to die in the Walsh home. They had another son that died of a kidney infection due to a failed circumcision. According to court testimony, Chance was hated by his mother. Having him around reminded her of their other baby, Duane. While it was not clear whether the older case was to be reopened. Both parents remained jailed until they were returned to South Carolina to face murder charges pending the identity of the baby found in that grave..

In the case of Janiya Thomas, It was reported this past weekend that a body found in a Florida freezer taken to a relative’s home might have been hers. Her mother was recently imprisoned for not telling the judge of her whereabouts. Apparently, the child suffered some kind of digestive problem that took her father’s life. Her mother’s attempts to deal with the problem by homeschooling her might have made coping difficult. One of the other children was reported to have shoplifted at a local Walmart where Keishanna worked. She said when her son was released to her that he was getting ‘whooped’. That beating took place in the car on the way home, because he climbed out the window of his bedroom and called police to report child abuse. The examining doctor confirmed this even though there weren’t any marks on him seen by police.Her other children were removed from the home because o the history of abuse. Keishanna remained jailed with a $75,000 bond until the identity of the body in the freezer was known.

These stories stuck out at me this weekend. While one of the three had a good ending, the others did not. My prayers were with the relatives of the last two children.


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