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Iran and Saudi Arabia: Conflict more than the massive body count

October 20, 2015

The death toll in the stampede that occurred on September 26 only went higher. According to the Huffington Post article today, the body count was over 2,000. Authorities were investigating the cause of this horrific incident and the reason behind the miscalculations. It appeared that there was dissension in the ranks because these two countries had a dispute with each other.

Iran had been vocal about pointing the accusing  finger at the  Saudi royal family. In regards to covering up the death toll, unconfirmed reports had it at nearly double the official count at 4,700. On the other hand, they suggested that some other independent personnel take over the operations of overseeing the pilgrimage to Mecca, a requirement all able.-bodied Muslims must take at least ,once This was roundly rejected because this was part of the royal family’s duties. In a meeting recently,the climbing death toll was never mentioned.

It didn’t help matters that both  of the above countries were on opposite sides of the conflict disrupting the Middle East, particularly the war in Syria and Yemen. Iran backed the Shiite rebels, also known as Houthis. They hold a big chunk of Syria and one third of Iran. Because ISIS saw the Saudi royal family as a usurper, they have been behind a series of gun and bomb attacks i. The alliance with the United States was a thorn in IS’ side.

It didn’t help that Iran lead the nations with the number of deaths from that stampede with 465 dead.



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