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Putin’s Middle East Plan: Control of the oil flow

October 8, 2015

As predicted in my previous blog posts, Putin wants the oil in the Middle East, according to The 700 Club today, to revive the Russian economy and improve his own reputation at home. ISIS had enough to create a dirty bomb The Saudi’s look less reliable because they sided with the United States. The economy was bad because of sanctions against them when they annexed Crimea and low oil prices.

Let’s look at what they have done so far

  1. They attacked US forces that were there to fight along with the rebels.
  2. They violated Turkey’s airspace flying through to Syria.

A lot of people were worried that the Russian presence in the Middle East would make a big mess. So far, this hadn’t happened because Putin knew what he was doing. So did Adolf Hitler, when he wanted control of Europe. This was somewhat disturbing, but prophetic.

Actually, in spite of what the U.S. Didn’t want to admit was Putin’s forces in Syria were to serve two purposes. One was to save Bashir Al-Assad, the other was to control all the oil., thus forcing the Saudi’s into a deal. Iran had already banned talks with the US after they got permission for their nuclear development. The two countries back opposing sides, but there wasn’t a firm ban on negotiations with America, which was different from what was said after the nuclear deal in July.

Iran’s supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States

If he controls the route the oil flows, it would bring the United States to its knees, while further boosting their oil based economy. The Saudi’s sold their oil using American dollars and demanded it always had. With his strong influence in the Middle East, it will continue to displace the US. As a major power player, whom the Russian leader already thought of as ‘a pushover‘, which further illustrated my point in my previous blogs. By controlling the routes, he could disrupt service to other countries.

What’s Putin Really Up To In The Middle East?

All this was covered in Ezekiel 38, which by the way, it seems he was winning by default. Puttin never had to fire a shot because the Obama administration has handed it to him.This reminded me of The Anschluss in WWII. The United States better wake up before it was too late. How could the current administration not know what was occurring? Pat Robertson explains it in the above video.

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