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My penpal’s jealousy prevented any effort at outreach

October 7, 2015

Before meeting my penpal Austin Texas, the letters exchanged were fun. They laughed at my having to referee ‘loud obnoxious children’ during assembly or during homework help. One time, after stopping a fight, my having to make someone stand against the wall for pulling another off a table legs first made them giggle. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

After going to visit them, a cold reception waited me. The person who sat on the floor off to the side was quiet. No one would know they were there if more chips weren’t asked for. The house was theirs built accustom to their needs. It was a good size with two bedrooms a roll in shower and a laundry room. My friend that took me said that the silnce was because they were jealous of my ability to travel alone and get around easier then they did.

Both myself and this person had the same birth defect, but they lost the use of their right side in 1996. They had an electric wheelchair and access to job training. While my need of the electric wheelchair was a long way off, My jealousy was her rather large house. Mom was not going to let me move out of the house and let me have a place of my own. Around the corner was my best bet if that far.

My job as a Program aide at the Girl’s & Boy’s Club and a Receptionist at Northwest Boys’ & Girls’s Club bought in enough money to purchase a second desktop computer. Because the money earned by me was more than three times the limit of $75 a month,my losing my Social Security check was a concern. The last job ended in August My friend was unable or unwilling to help. The same thing happened to my penpal. Once school ended, so did the support from them. If it weren’t for the cab fare spent by me round trip, my check would’ve been taken. After 60 days, job support ended for me too. Then follow up with the second position was a courtesy.

While m friend in Austin continued getting help from the state being trained as a customer service representative, my decision to find work online was a difficult one. Until my first job came in 2005 my time was spent proofreading other writer’s manuscripts for errors as well as creating my own stories and poetry.

This attitude didn’t change with the last visit. Their mother told me they weren’t speaking to me because they were srill jealous of me. They only spoke because their mother got after them.. My reply was that when they ‘grew up’ my pressence was assured.

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