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The importance of water remained a high priority

October 2, 2015

This video made me laugh because a very thirsty leopard got his head caught in a pot in India. Another of the large cat family was stuck on a utility pole this morning. That wasn’t so funny. His paw could hit a current on those wires. It reminded me of the black bear that ate a 20 pound bag of dog food and fell asleep afterwards. I wondered if the bear woke up with a stomach ache? He needed a drink of water that was for sure.

India was suffering from the extreme heat wave that killed thousands earlier this summer. My heart went out to the numerous animals that may have suffered the same fate. No one took a tally of them, only the humans. Pictures of the dead lying by the side of the road still haunted me to this day. Parts of America suffered drought too, but not to that scale.

Until early spring, the northern part of Texas suffered a four year drought that started in November of 2011 It was so bad, that the Red River and the Wichita River whittled down to what resembled two large mud puddles. In less than a month, This area gained four years of water and then some. Right now, Parts of this area were in danger of returning to those drought days, so everyone was still being encouraged to conserve water.

Well, there was no water for the utility pole cat or the bear, but it was my bet they went looking for water when they went on their way. Eating dry food makes cat, bear and humans thirsty.


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