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Neglect was still happening

October 1, 2015

How could a mother leave her children home alone unfed, unwashed and in a filthy house to see a doctor? How was she to pay for the doctor visit? That’s what one Bowie, Texas woman did to her five children.

This was a clear case of neglect. One thing that alarmed me was that the eight year old said it was normal to have been left alone. Back when I was in school, my friend in fifth grade had to miss school because she had to babysit her younger siblings. My language arts teacher didn’t like that at all after reading the note from home. She was clean and well fed though. By the time we reached eighth grade, she jumped to ninth.

How can a parent not change the younger babies diapers, or at least keep the house clean enough not to smell badly? Eventually a soiled diaper began to stink and cause health problems. Most mothers that had babies and toddlers can smell it. It had been several days since those that wore diapers were changed. One had diaper rash so bad they were bleeding. Several had to be treated for being underfed. The others were cleaned up and given food.

The what and why behind the deplorable condition of the house and the children’s unkempt state got their mother two years per child. CPS said there was a file on those children and their mother. That meant her plans to move when their father returned was not going to happen. My fear was what he was going to think finding his wife in jail and his children in foster care? The officer that they interviewed was shocked by what they saw. The two year old called him papa. The eight year old was embarrassed by the condition of the house too. Normally they don’t say that. Things should’ve been better now that all five were in foster care.

Yesterday, they reported that this woman wanted to start a daycare center. This wasn’t happening with her in jail her children in foster care and the house in such a mess. This blogger wouldn’t trust her children to someone with this past. That wasn’t happening.

In a weekend update, the father of the eight year old had a court date for custody of his son after the media uncovered this story September 25. His ex-wife remained in jail.

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