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Obama and Putin: Strategies still differ in Syria and the Ukraine

September 29, 2015

It looks like President Obama put his foot down at the United Nations this morning concerning Vladamir Putin and Russias’s role in the Ukraine and Syria. In my last few blogs, there was a concern that the key to the Russian Bear’s cage got lost because it’s attendant swallowed it after letting them loose.

At every turn, Putin has instigated the problem in both Syria and the Ukraine. By sending weapons to Syria, ISIS somehow gets hold of them through its connections in Iran. This in turn ruffles the feathers of the U.S. In their quest ti limit the nuclear deal in the house and the Senate. According to an article in this morning’s Washington Post, Obama said:

…the world’s nations must uphold international order in Syria and Ukraine or risk global instability.

With Russia’s antagonistic attitude, this was far from the goal that the U.N. Security Council set with the other members. England, Germany, France and the United States have reluctantly agreed to take in the refugees running from ISIS in Syria. Some have set limits or quotas on how many were allowed in.

Putin’s aim in the Middle East was to become the power that the United States once was, but he ‘looked back to’ and wanted to restore the USSR to it’s former glory. This was something that Obama spoke against in his speech. He said in that same article by Juliet Eilperin:

that the nations of the world “cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. We cannot look backward’

Their role in the Ukraine became a thorn when they supported the resistance in the southern part of the country and their annexation of Crimea because if anything, this was hurting Russia’s economy as Crimea drew closer to Europe. In one of my blog pieces this chess game was about to become a stalemate. To me, it looked like the problem was too big for Russia so like everyone else they could only watch as things unfolded.

The United States didn’t mind stepping in to help end the civil war in Syria and even helping Russia and Iran, but it came with one major concession. The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, had to step down. That meant that the Bear had to end their support of this regime. It might even shut down the weapon pipeline that went directy to ISIS in that country and Iran.

As of this afternoon’s KFDX Channel 3 broadcast, Putin might have further embarrased the U.S. By making an intelligence sharing deal with the Syrian president and Iran which shuts America out of the deal. The United States had no plan in place where Russia showed a clear plan to fight ISIS. Also, in spite of my last blog piece, Putin swore he was not trying to become a major force in the Middle East and he didn’t think Obama was weak on foreign policy. Why did it look like the U. S. was weak? It was almost like Russia didn’t want America’s help solving this problem. It could lie in the fact that the United States was still making an argument for diplomacy over action. This debate only allowed ISIS to gain strength as they had since 9/11.

According to a Huffington Post article, Putin thought the U.S. plan to fight ISIS had one major fault in that it didn’t back Syrian president Bashar Al Asaad. Russia’s plan would’ve bought the opposing sides to IS and make a plan to stop the problem in the Middle East. That was if the resolution passed at the UN. Obama had labeled him a ‘tyrant’ in his speech. Some critics said that the speech made by Putin was clear rhetoric. Others, like the UN Security chief, wanted IS dragged before the International Crimminal Court for their terroris crimes. By using the plan Russia proposed, it might irritate the tensions further in the region.  

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