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The Blood Red Moon: A major event to occur in Israel and ‘shake up’ America

September 27, 2015

Ok, the Blood Red Moon had me puzzled. Science can explain it as a natural phenomenon that occurred every so often. Biblical scholars said last week that every time there was a red moon like the one that was to happen on Sunday, a major event occurred in Israel.

Right now the United States seemed to have strayed from its Christian principles, and it looked like the president didn’t seem to care about that, at least according to the media. Let’s look at a few examples of how America Smited God:

  1. Allowing Roe v. Wade even though everyone knew life began at the time of conception
  2. Making gay marriage legal in the U.S. It still took a sperm and an egg to create a child
  3. Not keeping a close eye on Planned Parenthood in the sale of aborted baby parts
  4. Having no protection for those refusing to bake gay wedding cakes or perform gay marriages because of their beliefs
  5. Using the rainbow symbol for Gay banner, God’s covenant with man that there would never be another major flood like Noah’s Ark
  6. Allowing a major building to Light up with a Hindu Goddess. Remember what God said about worshipping idols?

The list was never-ending. Before being dismissed from the Examiner  few months ago,,there was an article about God’s final warning to America. Could this last red moon signify that now that the White House has chosen to side with Iran, allowing a nuclear deal to appease Russia? This was frightening. to me. This reminded me of what the British did to appease the Palestinians by not allowing the European Jews to return to Israel before World War II to avoid Hitler’s gas chambers. The Palestinians were one of the many people in the region that wanted to dismantle the nation of Israel. The Palestinians were following the agreement they made with the British in the Early 20th Century and changed their religious history to match  their own prophesy.

The good news about our president was that when talks  with Putin about Syria were held, they will have been discussed in front of the United Nations. Both Russia and the U.S. were super powers. Russia’s Putin might have violated international law when they sold arms to the rebels in Syria and ISIS got hold of them and sent them to Iran.

Earlier last week, The 700 Club stated there was a massive acceptance of God in China and Cuba, so all was not lost yet. America wasn’t to have been written off either.  God was still with those that were believers and keepers of the faith. Personally, this might be more the media’s doing. Polls were easy to manipulate to make anything stand true like Barack Obama wanting to push his own agenda for gay rights and abortion on the visiting Pope this week when the opposite was true.

Either way, this blogger hoped to see the lunar eclipse this  coming Sunday morning. It was bound to be a sight to remember.


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