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The Iran nuclear deal was like signing our own death warrant

September 11, 2015

Ok, this just became difficult. Vladimir Putin was about to make his move. Was he to join with the United States or keep his alliance with Iran now that the nuclear deal has passed the Senate? It was a wonder that Israel was showing its concern. Iran wanted to wipe the country off the map in 25 years. They think of America as ‘The Great Satan’.

This bothers me because one word from ISIS and an attack on U.S. soil was immiment. Seeing as this group has cells in every state, it could’ve occurred anywhere. With our president refusing to view ISIS for what they were and his indecision on whether to act, Putin and Iran didn’t see America as much of a threat. In the post below Russia’s president was using this to his advantage.

Iran wanted to cleanse the Middle East, and democratic countries like the United States, of Christianity. Since my taking up arms and fighting against this evil regime was a moot point, my battle was to be fought in prayer like the movie The War Room stated in their promotion of the film.

In spite of the push in the Senate to stop the nuclear deal, there weren’t enough votes on the opposing side to stop it. America didn’t act like the superpower that it once was. During Reagan’s tenure in office, he never dealt with terrorists. The hostages held in Iran at the time were freed when he took the oath of office. No one took responsibility for the Iran Contra Affair, but Oliver North stood trial and to this day remained unpunished for his part in it.

Some people thought that Putin wanted to establish military bases in Syria and further strengthen a failing regime. He spoke to those advisors recently and actually visited the area, but said it was ‘too soon’ to make that decision. If anyone knew how to play both sides of the fence, Putin was good at this sort of thing. Aiding Syria with military troops while he kept supplying Iran with weapons to fight the resistance. That’s why it was to our advantage to keep an eye one of our allies.

Now that the nuclear deal with Iran passed, it was even better watching what they do with the new found freedom to develop a nuclear bomb. The current regime wasn’t going to stop expanding once Christians and Christianity were eradicated from his country. According to today’s broadcast on the 700 Club, It was to have been bought to western countries by way of the sword. The backers of this deal were to have had blood on their hands. To me, this bill was like signing our own death warrant.

It looked to me that America will have to wait holding its breath until something happens in the Middle Eastvjust like Israel who will also have to look behind them to see who was trying to attack them.

No clear plan: Netayahu’s Congressional Address got no response
Was Obama a ‘puppet’ of his own administration?

There were some people in Congress that just didn’t get it. What did they think would happen if Iran were allowed to remain a nuclear power? Most of these negotiations being discussed were great, but Iran still wasn’t dismantling their nuclear weapons. All that was needed was a little  more than enough tension like the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 for someone on either side of the Atlantic to have an excuse in using the red button.

Both parties knew that President Obama needed their approval before he acted on situations like Iran and the crisis in the Ukraine. It seemed that the Russian Prime Minister also knew there wouldn’t be any approval without a major concession made by Obama. Both sides wanted him to dismantle ObamaCare.

Even though my membership was elsewhere, to dismantle this program would disenfranchise those that depended on that type of care to survive. The response by those that want to take away the above PROGRAM gave an a remark: for them to have gone to the emergency room. Before two of the three hospitals in my area merged, there was a notice on the wall that told patients that the hospital turned away those without insurance. They usually asked before someone was treated at the ER or clinic. This weeded out those without insurance.

According to Secretary of State, John Kerry, Netanyahu didn’t get a positive response from his speech because:

  1. Nobody gave a clear plan that actually stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons, Forcing them to agree to a list of demands didn’t work.
  2. None of the P5+1 partners would support the U.S. with that position.

Congress wanted to preview any legislation that made a pact with Tehran, but the president said he would veto it because it would cause valuable time to have been wasted while it was discussed in congressional committees. Right now, the House and Senate didn’t have the number of votes they needed to counteract his veto power.

Will they reach an agreement to make the United States appear stronger on the world stage? This has been my hope since Barack Obama became president in 2008. This approval he needed to take action probably wouldn’t have occurred without a major catastrophe hitting America like September 11, 2001. I mean, the only thing missing was the thirty page application as to the why behind the approval.

One of my friends online asked me what was wrong with our government. There were still people in the government that did not like Obama as president, mostly Republicans and a few Democrats. The moment he took the oath of office, they vowed to make it harder for him to do his job. That meant any action Obama needed authorization from congress for went with a concession he had to agree to, like dismantling ObamaCare, or letting the Republicans in congress review any bill passed concerning Iran.

According to Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, the president came off as nothing but a puppet of his administration. Before Russian Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress, Obama was given a list of 17 talking points in which he took his cues from courtesy of a former campaign advisor. This makes my point as to why it was thought Obama didn’t understand what was going on. Netanyahu rebuked them for their non response. Yet one headline said the prime minister used what remained of their relationship to make his plea to the U.S.

There was some good news though. With all these hurdles before him, Obama couldn’t get in trouble by being impeached if he weren’t allowed to act.ObamaCare was in the hands of the Supreme Court. Their job was to interpret the law, not formulate new government policy. Like the immigration issue, it was a waiting game to see if the law was a rewrite.There were stories on bothsides for and against the Russian plan. Now there is another waiting game on the horizon.


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