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Bankruptcies and Poor PR skills were a good reason why Trump should get out of the Presidential race

September 2, 2015

This story, Everything you wanted to know about Donald Trump’s bankruptcies, was disturbing to me today. In addition to his having left a bad taste in the mouths of the Latino, Hispanic, African American and military veterans like Montel Williams and a few others, the fact that he can’t manage his casinos just proved that he wouldn’t have been able to handle or pay down the ever-growing trillion dollar debt incurred over the last few years by the goernment.

Was Donald Trump able to use the bankruptcy laws to resurrect America​? He can’t make business deals with his business and with people on the world stage. His inability to maintain these casinos had me worried about his presidential candidacy. A lot of people refuse to take him seriously because of his financial failures and his poor PR skills of late.

Most of the comments concerning his using the bankrupty laws just didn’t equal what was actually on paper. There was only one time counted by me that he had filed for bankruptcy. That was sometime before the younger George W Bush was elected for the second time. In fact, he filed four times, something that burned him up when the interviewer mentioned it accoring to one article. Both the elder Bush, President Clinton, and one above were president as Barack Obama is now.

For years, every presidential candidate vowed to drastically cut defense spending and or bring the entitlement programs under control while creating jobs. With the war on terrorsm and ISIS in every part of the U.S., Trump can’t afford to stumble financially like he had with his hotels and casinos. He reminded me of Marie Antoinette. She spent the money in the royal treasury on clothes and shoes for herself instead of helping her people procure bread. The question remained, what would “The Donald” do as the next U.S. President? He had no solid platform.

  1. How would the more than trilion dollar debt be paid down?
  2. What was to become of the entitlement programs?
  3. How would he create new jobs?
  4. What was his plan to reduce the terrorist threat?
  5. What were his plans concerning immigration reform other than stripping the rights of those born here to foreign parents and building a fence to keep out those that came through Mexico into the United States?

As much as he whined about the questions being asked during the first presidential debate, it puzzled me how he would’ve handled the Israeli-Iranian crisis. What would he tell people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin​? After all, he was no Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan, who challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down that wall” If he couldn’t handle he basic debate, questions even when they got tough, he didn’t belong in the White House. Even now, he was still speaking against the moderator.

The first task of any wannabe leader would’ve been to repair his own financial troubles, and mend fences with the swing voter groups that he offended with his crass remarks. They were the deciding voters in the election. Donald Trump has not done any of this so it was very hard to seriously accept his bid for the presidency. Right now, there was a tie in one of the key polls released. He will need all the charm he can muster to maintain that lead. The only thing that was correct about him and other front runners was their large egos.  A lot can happen between now and next November. He still had tow win the nomination of his party. They were at odds with him too.


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