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Mass shootings: Huffington Post article didn’t go far enough

August 28, 2015

In my opinion, the article, We’re Missing The Big Picture On Mass Shootings didn’t go far enough. Domestic violence was a little simpler to deal with because there were red flags in the home such as a previous restraining order in the story. What ‘statistics’ were being gathered regarding the Virginia shooting of an on air anchorwoman and the camera man this week?

What was known about Bryce Williams so far:

  1. He was a former employer of the station where the two people were shot and killed
  2. His temper might have been a factor in his temination of employment Inside Edition said he had a bad temper and had to be shown the door after being fired.
  3. While blaming the Charleton shooting for setting him off, it was him looking for trouble in what others said to him. (Note that the two vicims in the story were white)

In most of the public shootings that have occurred over the last two years, one could attribute it to two things:

  1. Prior mental illness
  2. Unhappy with their lot in life, They become part of ISIS propaganda seen on the internet.

Thankfully it was known by those three people who stopped the attack in France that the man watched

a Jihadist video before getting on the train, but he was found with a large amounts of bullets on him. In regards to the Virginia shooting yesterday, it was not known what triggered his powder keg-like temper or whether he came from an abusive household. Things like that developed over time, not necessarily over night.

The one thing that bothered me about the victims of domestic violence was what the parents taught their children when they chose to stay in the relationship for love. Young boys were taught that it was okay to hit women because they saw daddy hitting mommy. Young girls gravitated to men that had foul tempers and a violent natures because there fathers were bad tempered. At least there was one thing seen by me that this article didn’t cover. A few children placed in foster care went through weekly counseling while going to the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club during my employment in the summer of 1997.

The last point made that this article didn’t cover was that the Colorado shooter suffered from a mental illness. Lack of medication might have set him off. In the case of the Fort Hood, Texas shooter, it was well known around the base that he was an Iraqi veteran that had mental problems and he was still allowed to carry a gun. In most cases, it was human error that allowed some of these people access to weapons like guns. If anything, people with prior mental health issues should be denied entrance into the armed forces.

There were more issues to have considered then domestic violence, which only scratched the surface where some of these shootings occurred. How could anyone see the whole picture when statistics only covered a fraction of what one saw?


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