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Facing the ever-dreaded Jury duty summons—-again!

August 26, 2015

Ok, some things were still a puzzle to me. This week, the ever dreaded jury duty summons was in my mailbox from the city. Five years ago, getting my doctor’s letter for the county was difficult because my primary doctor was on vacation for two weeks. The staff was no help at all. Most of the time they were short tempered or smart-alecky with the patients. Luckily, my  exemption letter was received, March 18, 2010 the Friday before the date to show up in court.

The letter, written five years ago for the county court, was supposed to cover me until aged 70. No proof was required other than the person’s birthdate. Right now, the Petit Court did not require any doctor’s note at this time. All that was required was a return of the form either in person or by mail. They did not accept faxes, even though the information number on line had one. The number on the letterhead of the form sent back had a non-working number, no one answered it Monday morning, which lead me to the search on line for another.

It was thought by me that, once this exemption letter was signed and delivered, it covered every court in the county, even the snaller ones in the city, no other documentation was needed. My sister told me that these were two different court types. Both she and my mother were not sure the exemption written five years ago was valid with the smaller court system. With my being in between doctors at the moment, it was wiser to have another letter at the ready in case it was needed.

In spite of the rudeness from the staff, my doctor had a great bedside /chairside manner. He sat with his patients and discussed the results of the bloodwork at the patient’s level. Unless his patient had a mental challenge and was a minor child under the age of 18, that was the only reason a parent was allowed in the room during the appointment. They even made my mother leave while the nurse took my vitals. The signs were there she just didn’t heed them. My friend who drove needed someone to sign for her because she was hearing-impaired. Her ability to read lips declined with her health.

The major difficulty with my current primary doctor was the expense of traveling to and from his office twice and to a lab to have blood drawn. The return visit to his office was to discuss the results of the tested blood. With my mother working, no medical van available, my friend deceased and the car she drove retired due to a broken tail light, there was nobody to take me. The medical van was retired in 2010 due to the Red Cross not having enough funds or drivers. My late friend’s father had an accident with the car that same year. Any time  he or his daughter drove the car, the broken tail light was the catalyst for getting a citation or a ticket, so they both stopped driving it.

Because of the problems with transportation to my current primary doctor  and the eed for another exemption letter from jury duty, the decision to take a look at the Kell West Hospital was being considered. They were closer to the house and had a walk in clinic.


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