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Acts of terrorism: Two stories where stupidity reigned supreme

August 19, 2015

At first, there was only one story to comment on until my seeing the second story in trending topics today. It amazed me how stupid people were. This was in regards to Miller, spokesman: No apologies for the atomic Facebook post and KKK member built death-ray machine to kill Muslims and Obama, prosecutors say.

Concerning the first story, it didn’t appear to me that some Americans learned anything that happened in France with the death of twelve illustrators who were killed for publishing a satire of Mohammad or the upheaval occurring in Garland, Texas  in which two were shot, over the same type of thing. Didn’t the author realize that stoking the fire on social media was dangerous? One comment said that the GOP wasn’t that daft. Neither was Facebook, who should’ve followed right behind The Dallas Morning News, and removed the post and the offending account and its owners. To have tied it to the historic bombing of Japan was too much, even for me to ingest because this was too close to home.

Didn’t they care that this could’ve been the spark that ignited Jihad in the United States? ISIS was represented in all 50. If  sympathizers couldn’t travel to these known terrorist camps for training, they had orders to strike wherever they were. This went much further than the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. This blogger wanted God to have determined my time of death and not have been at the mercy of a cold, unfeeling organization as the above. Using social media to incite violence was just plain stupid. Since that historic moment, the atomic bomb was not used again. America was gun shy at the loss of life that occurred.  The documentary on the event really opened my eyes to the damage and consequences that weapon caused, not to mention the spaced out looks from the survivors and their injuries.

At least the Klu Klux  Klansman, Glendon Scott Crawford, was being tried for a diagram he drew on a piece of paper when asked by undercover agents how he would blow up Muslims and do harm to President Obama. He wanted to use a ‘death ray’ by way of a remote control operated truck with a ‘Hiroshima light switch’, no originality there.

His lawyer was trying to show evidence of entrapment by showing that he was coerced into drawing that how-to diagram detailing his actions.  In the trial, it was uncovered that Crawford had staunch political views on Muslim extremists because of what he saw coming from Europe. He and another friend Eric Feight, were arrested in 2013 when they plotted to unleash radiation at a mosque in Albany and a Muslim school. The other plot came by way of a monitored phone conversation to attack the White House with the above named switch. Thank goodness for the Patriot Act and the old rules collecting metadata were discarded by the NSA.

To me it wasn’t considered a witch hunt, tracking down the culprits in the first story. Not only should profiles have been taken down, they should face criminal charges for conspiracy to incite violence via social media. It was bad enough people were being influenced to fight for the opposing side with social media. Even though his views were not that extreme, he should offer an apology for those who put it on his FB campaign web page.In the second story, the diagram was the damning evidence. His past was also a factor in the trial.

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