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Computer glitches, data breaches and hackers abounded last week

July 14, 2015

Last week was a busy one for a few people, left scrambling after computer problems caused shut down in the nerve center of the economy. Three areas suffered slowdowns: The New York Stock Exchange, The Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines all were affected by these computer glitches described as ‘connectivity issues’ They either delayed access to or shut down the entire service for a few hours.

There were other glitches that took place also. One involved the information of employees that worked for the government. The other involved well-known entertainment personalities and having parts of their bodies or entire nude pictures leaked to the public without consent of the subject.

In this day and age, man’s inhumanity to man still came to the forefront in that the situation involving the government, like that similar to what happened with Sony, was meant to humiliate and degrade the head, and those on the list who were hacked to the point where the head resigned,which was what took place this Friday past, according to The Guardian. Right now, it was hard to determine whether this was terrorist related or not. In the case of the entertainment company, they were threatened if The Interview, a comedy about a plot to assassinate North Korean President, Kim Jong-un was shown in any American theater. As for the hacking of civil service workers, the jury was still out on its effects because the drama was still unfolding. The OPM director, Katherine Archuleta, was advised to step down last week and she did.

Luckily, the NYSE, The WSJ and United Airlines all recovered from this computer malfunction. It did take a little longer for this to occur though. People at the stock exchange had to resort to pencil and paper instead of their electronic devices. The exchange was slower to recover like the Journal which still had partial of their website still down. UA cancelled or delayed at least 39 flights across the nation.

In my case, there has been just a problem of an outage in my area that either internet, phone or cable. The first time this happened my time was spent using pencil and paper to map out other articles written for the web and entertaining myself by watching DVDs. Since my trust never was very good concerning the computer connection my use of the old stand by didn’t falter. The encyclopedias in my room still had a purpose, in spite of my brother’s objections about them being obsolete.

There was a hacking of my personal information came in a different form via telephone in the form of computer technicians representing reputable companies. Then, it escalated to people wanting doctor information for a free trial of pain medication. One number used last week wasn’t even registered online anywhere.

Charlotte McKinney, was fuming over the nude picture of herself posted on instagram on Monday last. It caught the attention of her 50,000 followers because it appeared that she got drunk and took the selfie, but she didn’t. The intrusive photo was placed by a hacker. Like Kim Kardashian, who threatened to sue X17, the people responsible for taking the alleged nude pictures of her in her pool from a helicopter using a telephoto lens., she was hoping that laws would’ve caught up by now for people taking unauthorized photos high powered persons. This writer happens to agree with everything so far because hacking of any kind was considered intrusive and against the law.

When someone knowingly took a picture of a well-known personality and published it for money without their consent was a sin, or transgression against God’s law. Here’s what the Bible said:

Genesis 4:7

If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” (NIV)

The one thing not liked by me was the use of online registries of people’s information to scam them into taking expensive warranties for their computers when they were not needed. It was just as bad as the people using the phone book and making obscene phone calls and the like. The best thing to have done was to stop using the internet. How was my writing to have been completed? The scammers didn’t over rule the use of these tactics. They didn’t care, but their feelings got hurt when one hung up on them.

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