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Safety concerns went far beyond female tennis players

July 2, 2015

The safety of sports people were paramount in this day of attacks. It wasn’t what happened to well-known tennis player, Monica Seles, 22 years ago. With the attacks in France, and the Boston bombing still fresh in the minds of those affected, athletes, like that of any high profile personality had to be even more careful. People one met online were just as deadly as those in person. Because social media allowed fans to have gotten close to their favorite sports personalities, safety on a national tour was one of the major concerns of female tennis players.

1 Peter 4:15

But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler (ESV)

Other then the heat, some told security that they were stalked or had received death threats from people online because of a major life change like getting married. It was doubtful whether this writer’s life would’ve ever reached that pinnacle. The worst thing that ever happened was that people posted nasty words or pornographic pictures on line or asked me if a certain part of their anatomy wanted to be seen by me. That was when the report button came in handy. One man on a dating site begged me to send him money to which my sending proof of that got them removed.

It wasn’t just the tennis players that had trouble. David Letteman had a stalker too. Margart Ray committed suicide in 1998. She suffered from manic depression. In the case of Tonya Harding’s ex -husband and a few of his friends, Nancy Kerrigan was the enemy because she was the competition. Ms. Harding was convicted, fined for her part in the scandal, and banned from figure skating for life.

One of them said hello and called me a beautiful butterfly. It creeped me out so bad he was blocked. One of the people who were supposed to be my friend said something so gross it made me sick for two days. It never got as bad as the article. In the case of this tennis player in the article, her life was threatened. Because her attention as turned from him to someone else. It was any wonder why high profile people needed bodyguards when out in public and a vast security system at their place of residence.

Remember the bombing in Atlanta in Centennial Olympic Park in 1996?  That was a terrorist attack also. As Boston tried gaining the bid for the 2024 Olympics with a bomb in their past, it was a wonder what safety measures were in place to protect he athletes. Most of their plan was unfinished even now. Security was to have been tight with ISIS cells in all 50 states.

When on tour, it was always wise never to have given the room number where they were staying or even a phone number. One sponsor delivered  their products by courier, rather than give out the names and addresses of their clients. It was just something that they did to protect their investments. At least two of the stalkers mentioned in this article followed two of the players whose ex wives looked a lot like these tennis stars. It was because of unstable people that there were 3 foot barrier around the bleachers and extra security facing the crowd during the change over.


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