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Putin’s dangerous game

June 11, 2015

Barak Obama and Vladimir Putin must’ve thought everyone was living in a dream world, or they were. This past week, the Russian President said the West had nothing to fear from them. Yeah, right, like the United States actually believed that.

Putin, like anyone else, emerged on the scene with his own ideas on how to handle global conflicts. To me, he was nothing more than an instigator hell-bent on stirring up the situation in the Ukraine and the Middle East by offering Terhan missiles. The promise made by President Obama to the outgoing Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev in 2013, would never be realized.  Since that time, the opposite has occurred.

To me, Putin appeared “two-faced”. He put on his ‘game face’ for the world, making everyone believe he was an ally. Behind closed doors, or in regions where Russia was to make an impact, his true colors came out playing both ends of the field by antagonizing the Ukraine, Iran, and lsrael.

Let’s examine this more closely. Below were reasons why Russia was not to be trusted:

1. Russia  made a deal with the President of the Ukraine concerning the EU, which caused the uprising that rattled the Bear and now hey were fighting the resistance in that country.

2. They offered military aid to Iraq to fight the Islamic State, there They lost the cities of Ramadi and Palmyra to Isis anyway.  This was the problem with Obama too. He admitted that there was no strategy in fighting this threat yesterday, as if the U.S. didn’t figure that out. Putin wanted to exploit America’s  indecision indefinitely. The 700 Club said today that if Obama sent weapons to the Kurds in Iraq, they wouldn’t have gotten to them. The government kept them for themselves. All the weapons abandoned from the last time, like guns and tanks were taken by ISIS.

3. Putin was cunning and sneaky. It was obvious to me he along with other players had their own agenda. His plan was to reunite the USSR without all the harshness of the past. His move in Tehran was to intimidate the Muslim population in the eighteen republics. By a bold move, they either want to lure Iran away from its friendship with the U.S. or dominate the country outright after placing America in a secondary role removing the ;red line; barrier, causing the rise of ISIS. It’s a wonder Israel has kept them at arms length for so long. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu looked just as cagey. Remember, Jewish people were persecuted in Russia too. With the delivery of these missiles to Iran in limbo anything was bound to happen. Even though he was withdrawing troops from Syria, Asaad’s regime still survived.

Here was what the Bible said:

Jeremiah 50:9

“For, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: (NIV)

It was said one could’ve drawn a straight line north of the US through the Arctic (the end of heaven) and  the answer was found there:
Russia was the great enemy of Babylon, the enemy destined to destroy it.

It certainly looked that way. While Putin put on his poker face, one shouldn’t have been fooled by what his intentions were in some of the trouble spots in the world. How long would he have been able to manipulate the politics in these countries before something bites his backside? Well, apparently not long.

Concerning the Ukraine, it was more than East West disagreement over whether they were to stay with the EU or not. It was more along the lines of human rights issues and democracy. In short, the protests occurred because of the president’s buckling under to Putin’s deal. And the police force texting protesters made them feel oppressed as they were under the former Soviet Union. Remember that he wanted to reformulate the USSR with all its trappings. It looked to me that Russia had more to lose here, if it fell, Russia’s fear would have been two-fold because:

1. It could’ve became the largest visible market trading in atomic-like weapons with it’s large military force.

2. Most of the gas pipelines ran through the center of the Ukraine. Most of Europe depended on this natural resource for their power.There wasn’t a clear cut path for the West to take. To impose sanctions would’ve benefited Russia, hence tipping the balance of power in the region. Putin said the problem was too big for them now so there wasn’t anything for them to have done at the moment accept watch like everyone else.

Russia could still have gotten hurt because if Syria fell to ISIS, that would place their shipping in jeopardy and they’d have lost the only major stronghold they had in the Middle East. Since they didn’t have any pull in the Israeli-Palestine dispute, the only thing they could’ve done was to continue  exploiting Iraeli fears  by offering weapons to Iran,even though they didn’t care for the nuclear deal the United States made. Also  let’s not forget China doing military manouvers in the South China Sea.

In spite of what the 700 Club said today, Obama just approved the 450 troops needed back in Iraq to train its fighters. Putin would’ve had to have found someone else to antagonize and exploit because America was done looking foolish.

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