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Amazon and Gmail had new services offered

May 31, 2015

This new service offered by looked exciting. Just like the new Gmail tool that organizes my inbox, which was free, this was a can’t wait to try item, once $99 a year became affordable. Now they were to offer their own line of groceries and cleaning products like the traditional grocery stores.

The reason for the offerings were to boost the declining grocery sales. They planned to add milk and cereal and baby food to their Elements brand. Places like Wal-mart only allowed the sale of non-perishable food items through the mail like canned goods, pasta, and powdered products. Frozen foods, milk or eggs were only offered at the store. The good news was that Walmart and a few other competitors also offered their own store brands for sale, which were a lot cheaper than their name brand offerings, without the yearly Prime fee. A lot of bagged cereal and store brands were on the lower shelves to move name brands on the higher shevles first. What consumer reports said about this were true a lot of people don’t bother to look unless they were shorter or disabled like me.

Other services, like Netgrocer, didn’t offer web delivery of groceries in my state. When this town had an Albertson’s store, it only delivered groceries in Dallas Texas. It was sort of like the food delivery services that existed where there was no delivery of them. Some of them only went as far as Houston or San Antonio. Now some of the places like Mac Donald’s and Taco Bell have delivery in my area. Those apps existed on my phone.

As for the Gmail app, this was a godsend. This blogger had trouble with the app that originally came with my android. My inbox was either slow to update or didn’t sync at all. Even after merging my business account last week, it still only updated the second one and not my primary one. The new app took the organization of my inbox beyond updates and promotional mail. It even put a level of priority on them. It wasn’t important how fast something was done, just keeping up with the mail coming in to have kept Yoboogle up tp date was enough.

Installing news apps like The Huffington Post, Yahoo Sports, NBC, CNN, and Fox News made my job easier. In keeping up with my new web site. One couldn’t always depend on Facebook to place a major event on their trending news feed. The only problem was my getting te same story from different news feed at the same time. My reliance on inbox alerts were paramount in the last few days. On my phone only one browser stayed open. On my computer, there were as many as five.

It was my hope that the five new features in the new Gmail app would have been tried by me soon just like the new delivery service by Right now, it wasn’t necessary to have nother yeary fee on my credit cards.

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