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Undetermined: “Tomorrowland” opened to poor box office showing over Memorial Day weekend

May 26, 2015

Even though movie ticket prices had seen a 44% rise since 2001, this was one of the lowest box office weekends since that time. Tomorrowland a science fiction movie, according to one article, was a major flop for the Walt Disney company, where the title was taken.

And this blogger was going to complain about the excessive films based on children’s cartoons and comic books. My brother loved DC and Marvel Comics.He saw “Avengers: Age of Ultron” My mother worried about the lack of substance in them, but his sixth grade school psychologist told her to let him be. As long as he was reading it was ok. By the time of my journey into the middle grades, my favorites were found in classic literature. My aunt bought me six classics for young readers that summer. My favorites were “Heidi”, “Jane Eyre”, and “Little Women”. After seeing several versions of all of these films all they could’ve done was mess them up. “A Little Princess” suffered poor advertising.

Well, this lastest holiday film flop was not due to a poorly made remake. In truth, the film opened to mixed reviews and made $41.7million. People loved comparing apples to oranges when it came to things like this. Last year, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” made $110.6 million and “Fast & Furious 6” made 97.4 million around this time. It looked to me like critics didn’t have the clout they once possessed. The former movie was still a hit even though some gave it a bunch of rotten tomatoes.

In my case, waiting till it came on cable or buying the DVD were my once ly options. The last movie seen by me was “The Butler”. One of the people invited to see this movie with my family and me talked through most of the film. My poor sister and mother had a hard time watching in the theater. At least the first two installments of Disney’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” movies were not disappointing. If they remade those movies, a whole new cast was needed. The children were grown. At any rate, this same article also said it was too soon to tell whether the holiday box office proceeds were a tell tale sign of a financial disaster.

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