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Facebook launches new news feature

May 14, 2015

Facebook was now featuring news articles on its site today. Recently, there were worries that the young crowd once attracted to this social media giant was fading.

This might boost the traffic a lot. As a writer, clicking the link that leads directly to the stories that were important to me helped write important headlines for them. A lot of times the headline did not give the reader the full story and reporting something accurately and true was my aim. Yes, this reader still empathizes with the six-month suspension of Brian Williams.

In all fairness, using a smart phone was easier for this when not being close enough to my computer. The faster uploads on iphones and smartphones were a bonus. My smartphone was slow anyway, so being patient was a still a virtue being learned by me. Let’s face it, my phone was obsolete six months ago. Accessories being sold on the site started with the Galaxy SIIII.

As for the ad situation, my phone allows those to pop up at random because of Google AdSense. Advertisers were able to make their choice to sell ads on Facebook, which gave the media giant 30% or kept all the proceeds by embedding ads in their articles. Right now, there were only nine major news sites participating in this situation. However, there were at least more than 1 million mobile users. This CEO still needed alerts from other sites via smart phone app because they didn’t show in the trending topics right away. It was usually first seen got used to prevent duplicates.

The nine participants  really couldn’t avoid the social media giant any more than anyone else. The tick was in keeping the stories trending and true. That was what this person did with the above site.

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