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The Genie gave its competitors something to fear

May 8, 2015

Move over, NuWave Oven, and the microwave. There was a new gadget on the market that gave your device competition, and it cooks food in 30 seconds. One CNET article compared it to Star Trek’s food replicator. This writer thought it reminded them of a scaled down version of the Jetson’s food-a-rack-a-cycle that did the same thing.

Created in Israel and similar to the science fiction show’s Replicator, the Genie, turned pods of powdered food into edible dishes in 30 seconds. For those that needed their morning cup of coffee, this could be a blessing and put people who didn’t want to talk before their first mug in a happier frame of mind a lot faster. Unlike the microwave, in which powdered food needed water added. It also had to have been stirred while heated and probably tasted ‘nuked’ instead of cooked.

It was similar to the K-cup device because water had to be added to the freeze dried food. While it had the dubious distinction of further confusing those in one’s family that were afraid of high tech devices or were just all thumbs with them, it sounded as easy to use as the microwave, and the food was probably better too. It could be operated with an app, so it was easy to use and might put those that were afraid at ease. One other benefit to using this new tech device, was that those on special diets were able to use this too. Like the NuWave Oven, Which adapted to the use fresh food, those that had gluten, dairy, or egg sensitivies were able to enjoy eating too.

At any rate, the co-creator of this product was hoping that the Genie was to have been smarter than its inspiration on Star Trek. It wouldn’t matter to me as long as it still heated tasy precooked meals too.

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