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Navigating the rough spots: The new princess will learn a sense of duty with her title and have fun too

May 5, 2015

Now that the new princess was born, what was a good name for this royal baby? The naming process has begun for Prince William and Kate. More than likely, Elizabeth or Mary might be one of those four names. Royal children had more than one name just in case the first few didn’t work out. This blogger prayed that they weren’t going to put Eugenie in any of them. I apologize to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson ahead of time, but that wouldn’t have been my first or last pick as a name for even second daughter. It wouldn’t have been on the list at all. It looked like her name was to be Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Charlotte just happens to have been Pippa Middleton’s middle name.

Personally, this sometime royal watcher would love to see the use of Victoria Elisabeth Mary Anne as her name. While this didn’t happen, it was nice to know that Queen Elizabeth II was referenced. All those names were royal. Even Gweneviere would’ve worked because of the King Arthur legend. The only difference being that her dealings with men would have to be carefully watched. Since there was a code of conduct, she, like those of her predecessors, had to follow. Hopefully, there won’t be a foil like ‘Sir Lancelot’ in her future.

One thing not liked about one of the trending articles seen on Yoboogle’s timeline was that this baby was to expect a ‘fairyale life‘. Like her parents and those that went before her, duties to the state came first before personal pleasure. That meant if her parents and the queen herself, didn’t approve of her choice of mate or her behavior they had the right to say so for the good of the state. That also meant that the media was watching. Whatever they got their hands on, they used, good or bad. Most of what Prince Charles bad press came from the affair he had behind his former wife’s back,with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Granted media coverage has slowed to a crawl since the death of Princess Diana and her companion. One thing in her grandchildren’s favor though was the photographers weren’t going to hound them as badly with protective parents. Prince George and Princesss Charlotte might have an easier time with just being human, somewhat. This includes the major meltdowns that might occur. Let’s face it not all children were well behaved all the time.

While Prince William’s behavior had to be ‘reigned in’ with a ‘no nonsense’ nanny, it was my hope that neither of his children needed a more than firm hand as he and Prince Harry did. Yes, this writer remembers the reports that were leaked to the press complete with pictures of Prince William wailing or crying, those words were in the headlines, because he and his nanny were having a ‘discussion’ about his inappropriate behavior.

These perks came because of protection. Yes, major chain stores closed their doors so that the princes were able to buy their parents Christmas presents, and received first class accommodations when they flew in an airplane, even though it wasn’t on the same flight. Being a royal meant that the best education was available. The ultimate goal is their service to England and all its territories. There were plenty of charities supported by the royal family. Most of the royal children served or currently are serving in the military.

It was no fairytail for Amy Carter, daughter of President Carter. Her mother put her in public school right there in Washington DC. Unfortunately, she caught all the sniping remarks from her classmates when her father made a bad decision in the White House. As a result, this first daughter went to boarding school at 16 after her father left office. Every schoolage child of a president went to a private school after that.





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