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Hit movie faced copyright controversy

April 16, 2015

Copyright law was complicated enough. That’s why no one knew everything all the time. All the more reason to have been very careful what one wrote. The writing world had zero tolerance for anything like plagiarism and copyright infringement.  According to one of the trending topics the blogger came across this week, today in fact that was exactly what occurred. Joss Whedon and Lionsgate were slapped with a Copyright Lawsuit.

Let’s define plagiarism first which means the practice of stealing someone else’s work or ideas and copying them as one’s own.

Copyright infringement means the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

The Bible said one shouldn’t steal in Exodus 20:15, apparently getting inspired by a written work or song was now illegal. The Today Show tried listen to both songs side by side and said the rhythms were similar. In a way, this was against the law. The same applied to the movie and its similarity to the book.

Granted, after reading the Copyright Act of 1976 things became a little clearer. In the above case, there was more than one alleged violation so the wires became entangled in the legal jargon on the court documents. It also opened up another situation that occurred a few weeks ago. Could someone have gotten sued over the inspiration of a 1970’s song “Got to Give it up from Marvin Gaye? Apparently, that was exactly what happened with the other lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for Blurred Lines, according to Variety. Things were tangled there too. Instead of paying $10 million, Thicke and Williams had to pay his heirs $7.3 million instead of $10 million.

Pharrell Williams wasn’t being sued over his song ‘Happy.’ Apparently, the Gaye family wrote an open letter making that very clear recently. Pharrell planned to turn this song ‘Happy’ into a children’s book sometime in the future. This blogger still wanted to download the song after getting my new laptop this week because it made me happy to hear it.

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