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Gender equality was no ‘media circus’ or ‘freak show’

April 15, 2015

Why is it that people who want to make gender changes to their lives were made fun of by the public? Bruce Jenner was only the second person known by me to have gone through this. Remember Chastity Bono? Now he was known as Chaz.

While there may have been some resistance with him having been reassigned, the only trouble known to me was his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”, but all was well since then. It bothers me that the media might be making more of this gender reassignment then what was really needed. They turned anything like this into a “freak show”, so to speak. Of course, this was not being helped that he was the stepfather to the Kardashian clan, who made their positive stance with Bruce’s transgender situation. He still rode their coat tail.

The only positives about this situation were that Meredith Vieira had a fourteen year old transgender female on her show a while back, named Jazz Jennings. Maybe, by the time Jaden Smith decided to make that change this wouldn’t have been so much of a stigma. If everyone remembered, it was announced last week that he enjoyed wearing girl’s clothes and being called she. Right now, he was just enjoying the expression the girl’s clothes made.

As a youngster, I wore my brother’s t-shirts and sweaters, because it was necessary for servival. My sister wore a lot of my cast off clothes back then too. As an adult, wearing pants instead of skirts and dresses were preferred because nylons irritated my skin. Doing this didn’t make me any less feminine.


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