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Facebook Messenger WhatsApp compete for top spot

April 9, 2015

Ok, just about everyone had Facebook Messenger on their laptop, desktop, cell phone and tablet.  It can be a convenient tool when a computer wasn’t handy. Now WhatsApp has added video calling to its list of features. While this was great for Android users, not all had access to this feature. In my case, even though this feature was installed, 10 of my friends had to have it before my having full access.

The price for this app was right at .99 after the second year.  In addition, voice, text, picture, and video messages were easily sent through this feature. Unfortunately, my version of Chrome and Firefox didn’t support the PC version. It never booted on my mother’s laptop or the one used by me.  Not too many of my friends or family used this either. Getting the ten people to use the video calling feature was going to be difficult.

I preferred this app to Facebook Messenger because of the privacy issue. Unless one muted or removed a chat, everyone could see it if using the computer. It was hard to send a friend request while the chat only feature was used. It was discovered while telling someone of my friend’s death and burial last month. At least WhatsApp was private. One was able to see someone typing on there, but unless shared, what was said remained between the chatters.

According to one article, it didn’t have the video or audio capabilities of its major competition. Developers hoped however that by making it a single entity like it was on iPhones and smart phones, it could have a different function also when those features were developed. The biggest shift was that a lot of things including Facebook were now becoming mobile. So far, it hadn’t hurt me not to use the messaging feature unless my cell phone had problems.

Since there was nothing to hide, my need of a locking feature or to hide whether the message sent was seen by me wasn’t necessary except while visiting family and sometime at church. One could enable chat with some friends on FB and appear offline to those on Yahoo Messenger, but again, it was the privacy thing that worried me. People with no bio information were declined by me if they wanted to be friends. Also like the FB feature, chat logs had to be cleared to maintain privacy. Before my desktop was upgraded, some of the icons couldn’t be accessed or used. It already possessed the video call but even that had its problems. My phone rang but the receiver never knew on the other end.

It was interesting to see who the top spot went to see as these apps were owned by the same company.

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