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#TIDALforALL making a big splash during relaunch

March 31, 2015

Jay-Z was to relaunch his new streaming video service today #TIDALforALL was attracting more and more support for itself on Twitter. Why was this so important? In spite of the major impact digital music made in the last few years, there were a few tangles in the cord.

The biggest magnet for the new service was Roc Nation.  It offered more than just the usual for the long list of artists flocking to the site to steam their music, especially Taylor Swift’s songs, except her 1989 album. Even though this wasn’t a sealed deal, it would get her music to this site first.  Was it enough to make a big splash in the musical world? Well, right now, it only had 35,000 subscribers that paid a monthly fee of $19.95. Its competitor had over 15 million subscribers. Don’t be afraid for them just yet though.  There was less expensive level at $9.99 a month. There was a better list of terms offered to people getting this service to the tune of two times the return, something not offered by their opponents.

The biggest problem with digital music was that sales weren’t moving fast enough to make it cost effective. There were songs that I myself would love having but the only way to purchase them was to buy the album.  In all fairness though, free services for television, movies and music were better than the Pay-per -view situations offered by Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Sling TV Crackle didn’t offer the music services unless it was tied to an older show on television. Its programs were always changing too.

There were no ‘perfect’ sites that were compared in these articles for this blog piece. They all had some major problems that took them out of that running. Sometimes, it was the cost, sometimes it was poor interface quality, lack of current video  titles, etc. What was the consumer was willing to put up with? Granted, Tidal was a new service for musicians and their music, but, they had the money to pay the monthly fee of $20 with all the big name artists signing up. Time Warner Cable offered free on demand TV shows and live streaming video from their site as long as there was a purchased package.


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