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Chocolate: Its refined roasted version fit with the health movement

March 27, 2015

Chocolate was my weakness, especially the dark chocolate, which was supposed to have health benefits in its unsweetened variety. Most of the time, if it was purchased by me, it went on the third shelf of my pantry to avoid eating the whole quantity and becoming sick. It was about time that there was a healthier version on the market.

With everyone wanting to become healthier, making chocolate that kept most of its antioxidants was always a good thing and was able to fit in at least a few of the trending diets nowadays.

According to a Time Magazine article out this week, there was a process created in Ghana that slow roasted the cocoa beans instead of roasting them the normal way at the higher temperature. This maintained the amount of healthy antioxidants needed. For example, the benefits of dark chocolate were to the heart, and helpful with things like memory.

The hard part about doing this was interrupting the cocoa making steps. The beans have to be harvested, aged, and roasted. The last step was the most difficult because at the higher temperatures, the cocoa beans lost a lot of their health benefits. It’s equivalent to exercising and eating fried foods four times a week.

Dark chocolate was preferred over milk chocolate or white cocoa because there were, as stated before, more health benefits and not a lot of sugar. By the way, lowering one’s sugar intake greatly reduced things like diabetes and heart disease.

One of the two greatest things about working out was that they weren’t only designed to lose weight. The exercises were tailored to tone or shape problem areas like the stomach, thighs, hips and behind. Strengthening one’s core was also very important.  Did you know that walking three times a week had as many health benefits as a daily workout at the gym? Before my mother started working full time, she and two of her neighbors walked three miles a day. Her friend’s husband drove along in his car one morning. The tricks here were in finding a favorite activity and do it. Since they have video games where the body was the joystick so to speak, this could be a fun activity during bad weather.

If there were any diets to be tried by me it would’ve had to have been the Mediterranean Diet. It was in the top ten trending diets.  Most of the fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein like fish were provided in this and it was a great tool in lowering cholesterol. It came highly recognized by Doctor Oz. A study showed that people who ate this kind of diet were healthier than those not on diets. Since they ate fish from the sea, that’s where the name came from.

If one wanted to take the digital aspect a little further, both the Paleo and Mediterranean diets had apps for the iPhone and Android phones, so there weren’t any doubts about what was allowed and what wasn’t.  Choosing which worked was the difficult task. There were also apps to track how much movement one got and the amount of calories burned.  In some instances, they could’ve even recommended what to eat at a restaurant. Again, the type depended on what one wanted to accomplish with their weight loss goal. Maybe one day it would calculate how much of the healthy dark chocolate to eat in order to maintain the right antioxidant level.

Doctor Oz also recommended that it was ok to have foods not on your diet list. Like the type 2 diabetic, he used the 80/20 rule. My 20% was lunch with my mother on Saturday afternoons mostly take out foods, and the Sunday breakfast buffet before Sunday School. Fruit dishes usually went well.  However, one wouldn’t dare put anything healthier than that on the table because it remained untouched. The healthier chocolate might help, just make a cake, some cookies or a pan of brownies and don’t tell them that it’s healthy. It’d be gone before the start  of Bible Study.


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