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Newer 3D games and consoles good for some, but older ones still survive on line

March 26, 2015

With all the talk about Game of Thrones, It made me feel left out not being able to keep up with the pace.  With the newer gaming systems, the games were more difficult to play. My inability to think on my feet made this even worse because it was like both thumbs on either hand had to work independently of the other. While with the Gameboy, this was easier than using the control from an Xbox or the newer systems. While the older games and their consoles were phased out of the market, they haven’t died off completely, which had made me happy.

I loved my father’s hand held Gameboy. On fact, he taught me how to play Tetris on the classic Nintendo gaming system right before he died almost 20 years ago this month. Since finding this game on the web and keeping it on both of my computers, my mother sold his gaming system in one of the big yard sales she had in the last few years.

Before purchasing a smart phone, in 2013, the above game was difficult to see on the small screen of my Nokia 6010 so it was not downloaded there. The buttons were difficult to press also. It made me so frustrated, that it was removed.  It was exactly why Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and their spin offs didn’t stay on my cell phone either.

This was why the newer gaming systems like Xbox can’t be played by me. My fingers were just not fast enough. Neither was my response time.  It took time, but the older games on Nintendo, Atari and Intellevision were fun once I got the hang of it. My brother taught me how to play Bump and Jump on Intelevision. I actually got to the second level without bumping into any cars. It got harder though, so leveling up was difficult. Cerebral Palsy could be such a curse at times. Not being able to keep up just made me develop some other gaming talents.

My favorite games were Bejeweled Blitz and Jungle Jewels.  It thrilled me to no end to level up to 300,000 coins and beyond playing Bejeweled Blitz. Getting enough coins to use the boosters helped a lot. Before connecting to Facebook, I had 200,000 coins and lost them all three weeks ago!  Jungle Jewels was a lot harder. I only got through all four levels one time, but it was never recorded on the computer.

At least with the Atari games, they ended when lives or time ran out. It did require two hands but one hand controlled the joystick and the other was on the fire button.  It made me proud to blow my brother all over the screen playing a game similar to Asteroids. I got a thrill getting a higher score in Wheel of Fortune then he did too. My gaming prowess was playing word games like Scrabble and Boggle or a variation of them. The robot on Pogo kicked my tail last night, but I creamed Mavis on my Scrabble desktop computer game.

I thought games like these would disappear with the newer action games being developed in 3D emerged.  Atari may have gone bankrupt two years ago, but their games like those of Intellevision and Nintendo have seen new life on the internet.




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