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Israel, Iran, Their future remained uncertain

March 21, 2015

To me, his words weren’t any better than the mess he steps in at the bottom of his shoes.  According to the 700 Club this week, he had been making promises to the Palestinians of a two-state solution for the last two years. There hasn’t been any movement. While the elections were going on this week, he swore there would never be a Palestinian state while he was Prime Minister of Israel. The two-state solution was made again by him, but he had backed off for the second time. Now it seemed as if he angered both Jewish and Arabs alike on both sides of the Atlantic.

It also made his speech in Congress look worse than the U.S. and its constant in-fighting over the supposed nuclear deal with Iran.  Any deal the United States made with Iran probably couldn’t be trusted anyway because Iran couldn’t be trusted. The fact still remained that Bibi was still Prime Minister of Israel and the Palestinians were still without their own space.

What really bothered both American and Israeli Jewish, Palestines, and Arabs alike was that he further divided his people by seeming more concerned with building settlements then honoring his campaign promises, whatever they seemed to be at the moment.  One would think the reason Iran had sanctions against them was because their word on nuclear arms cannot be trusted. In this case, we would’ve been foolhardy to make any type of deal. At least President Reagan had the right idea when he said the United States didn’t deal with terrorists. Even though the hostages were freed the moment he took office, it took that kind of firm hand to show that we weren’t playing Netanyahu’s game.

One person said, maybe the current administration should present their own agreement with the Israeli Prime Minister and, like Iran, punish them with harsh sanctions if they refuse the deal. Right now, according to the 700 Club yesterday, it stated that sanctions against Iran were actually hurting them economically.  Obama didn’t want to drag America or its allies into another war, but the rhetoric that’s been heard on the news sounded like all that was accomplished was a lot of handshakes and smiles for the media, but no honest talking. France was the only one taking the hardest course with Iranian nuclear talks.

Another thing that bothered me today was the post on one of the trending topics referred to Israel was leaning toward apartheid. I never expected to see that word I the headlines again. Apparently, this was a word not exclusive to some of the countries in Africa. Martial Law sounded a lot worse though.  In this situation, a military person of the highest rank takes over the current government. They have the right to replace all three branches of the government.

It looked to me that peace in the Middle East seemed to be a pipe dream.  As long as there was any conflict with the people over territorial rights to land on the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights it will continue to be a place of dread for those not Muslim or Arabic. Whatever the future held, Netanyahu’s waffling on his promises didn’t make things any easier for Secretary of State, John Kerry.


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