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Internet Explorer to be replaced with Spartan

March 20, 2015

This was one of those things I thought I’d never see the day of.  Phasing out MS Explorer was crazy. Like the old operating systems, Windows XP and all the previous operating systems, they’ve had their day.

Personally, my use of Internet Explorer was limited at best because of its vulnerabilities and half loaded web pages.  There were always errors on the page with the old desk top in my bedroom. Since using Safety Mode with Networking, this was even harder to do.

If my memory served me correctly, IE 6 was the last version that worked well with all the programs used by me. Most of the sites visited by me wouldn’t work without that. It was the standard for quite some time.  Gaming, bill-paying, and plain browsing was made easier with IE6.

With all the bad things about IE, one could easily have seen why renaming the new browser Spartan 10 was to rid the new browser of the old stereotype, which was like a Ford car. My father said fix or repair daily.  Hopefully it was able to live up to the name it was given.

For those die-hard Internet Explorer users, this program wasn’t disappearing all together.  According to NBC Nightly News last night, certain businesses were still going to use it so it will still be around, lurking on the sidelines.


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