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The trouble with the open letter to Iran and our respectability

March 14, 2015

I knew this would’ve happened one day. In their effort to keep President Obama in check, or try to lead him into a mistake to get him impeached, the 47 Republicans that signed the open letter to Iran got themselves in some hot water with the law. Let’s just cut the bull. Their behind is in a sling if they broke the law. They may have violated the Logan Act of 1799.

This law was kind of tricky because in their open letter to Iran, they stated that they were unable to allow any agreement on nuclear weapons with them if the current president took office.  It wouldn’t last long.

Ok, the senate along with congress was only one third of the government. The letter might have been made under the table and in a sense, thrown a wrench in current negotiations with Iran. Some think that by doing this, the violation occurred because Congress has overstepped its bounds in drafting this open letter to a foreign power. They were not allowed to do so according to this law because it was

  • Without consent of the United States. Congress might not be a major player in making foreign policy, but they did ratify treaties.
  • As for whether there was any influence, well, they were trying to keep a lid on Obama by not letting him move without their say so. If they do, it was usually with strings attached. Remember, Obama Care and the immigration Law were now in the hands of the Justice Department. The Republicans wanted the first law revoked and the other delayed.
  • One of the Constitutional Law professors said the letter showed a lack of respect toward the commander in chief, but they doubted it was a violation of the above act. In other words, they did not commit treason.
  • The honor of figuring that out was for the Justice Department. The White House Press Secretary redirected all inquiries to that branch.

The fact that the legislative branch went out on their own, trying to influence the outcome of these already strained negotiations, was treason enough.  The Oval Office still had to respond to this petition of over 65,000 signatures. Whether to make marijuana legal or sending Justin Bieber back to Canada was a lot easier to decide.

Rick Perry pointed out two reasons why the next president would have an enormous task in rebuilding our respectability on the world stage such as:

  1. Removing our commitment to agreements that weren’t binding this president entered into that allowed Iran a nuclear bomb.
  2. Putting enough troops on the ground that was able to defeat ISIS forces. Yes, there was a little progress from the rebel forces pushing back in Syria, Nigeria, and Iran, but they were small victories of three miles of land gained .
  3. How much was to have been spent on defense?

He also stated that the next president must have had the ability to act. They had to offer solid solutions to world problems, not just show everyone war torn places on film.

This last part was a problem for me because as stated in my prior post on Yoboogle, the president‘s hands were tied with some of the renegade Republicans waiting for his next wrong move. All the blame shouldn’t have been laid on Obama. If memory sere me correctly, Obama spent the first two years trying to clean up the previous president’s mess.

It remained to be seen what President Obama would do if this agreement crossed his desk. This blogger had a front row seat to watch the action. Like every other major piece of paper, this too might end up on the docket of the Supreme Court if the Republicans came up with their own plan in dealing with Iran and ISIS.


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