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OU: Fallout from racial chant on video continues

March 12, 2015



Apparently, our nation still had a long way to go if something as ignorant as a racist chant was allowed to be filmed and sent to African Americans on campus.  Of course, I am echoing some words spoken by Whoopi Goldberg for the second time in three months.

Here’s what has happened so far:

  • The Oklahoma chapter of SAE was boarded up an all were told to vacate by midnight Wednesday, The letters were removed also.
  • Two students were expelled over the incident.
  • Parker Rice was identified as one of ring leaders of the racist chant. He had apologized as of last night, but it wasn’t enough, even after his parents came to his defense in an open letter to the Dallas Morning News

Here were more actions:

  1. Because of this incident, other chapters of SAE were being investigated. It reportedly happened in a university chapter in Louisiana.
  2. Other disciplinary action waited for those they were able to identify in the video.

The Oklahoma chapter of SAE had zero tolerance for this kind of action. Even the president of the college had some strong words in his tweet.  It was also condemned by the local chapter at Midwestern State University. As an alumnus, I applaud this. One never knew about people until they’ve had too much alcohol and a video was being recorded.  Like the university and the parent of the student who wrote an open apology, this was appalling behavior. It was not what SAE stood for.

According to The Oklahoman the President said along with the student protest:

“Real Sooners are not bigots, real Sooners are not racist.”

Below was another reaction:

Former OU and Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switizer, who is also an SAE member, released a statement Tuesday supporting the university’s decisions.

“While I support the University of Oklahoma and SAE’s decision to pursue swift actions, this situation is unfortunate for the many innocent people involved. As a longtime supporter of the University and member of the SAE chapter, I know the majority of our students don’t condone or participate in bigotry. These incidents are not a reflection of the true spirit of our campus,” Switzer said. “I hope that we can begin to heal the wounds by avoiding rhetoric that fuels the fire and instead spend more time thinking about how we can collectively create positive relationships and interactions among our campus family.“

In a statement made today he said:

“It hurts me because I’ve got a vested interest in this. As I said I’m an SAE and I know the kids in this house, I spend some time over here and I know what they’re like. Hey, I wouldn’t put up with that crap either and they don’t either and they don’t believe in it.”

Racial slurs ranked right up there with swear words. To utter either one in public showed a severe flaw in one’s character, especially in front of young children.  Because they pick up the parents bad behavior, including the racist comments and swear words, it was better to watch their language. This blogger by no means walked on water.  None of my actions were recorded on video and posted on social media either.


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