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Ferguson Police chief resigns amid departmental bias. Have we learned anything from the past?

March 12, 2015


After seven months on the job as Chief of Police for Ferguson Missouri, Thomas Jackson was reported to resign as of March 19. This came on the heels of a report stating that the officers in that department showed racial bias toward the African-American people of the city. It didn’t help that one of his officers shot an unarmed 18 year-old and did not get indicted, which set off several months of rioting, looting and the destroying of property. There were a lot of injuries, arrests and deaths as a result.

With all the focus on the struggles the African-American communities have made just to sit and eat in the same places as their Caucasian brothers and sisters, have we learned nothing? I guess the March on Selma, Alabama and the Freedom Riders all fought for naught.  The fallout from the SAE video wasn’t over yet. It appears, like the frat house that was vacated and closed down, the police department in Ferguson was to receive a top to bottom cleaning. According to CBS Evening News tonight, a cleric was fired also because of this bad attitude. The department needed cleaning because it was dirty.

It disgusted me to have to rehash the racial issue for the third time in as many weeks. First, it was the fallout from the racial innuendo Giuliana Ranc’s raicist comment in reference to Zendaya Cooper’s hair at the Oscars. Like the Oklahoma University and the Ferguson Police Department, there should’ve been zero tolerance to any kind of racial bias expressed or implied by one’s actions.

Unfortunately, like the SAE racist video, the bias in the Ferguson Police Department, and the media fallout from Rancic’s racial innuendo, these things wouldn’t disappear by pushing the delete button on the computer. There’s a digital footprint. Somebody was always looking for things of this nature. Remember the painter that put a reference in Bill Clinton’s presidential portrait of Monica Lewinski? The media and the Clinton’s scoffed at him trying to make a name for himself.

As expressed in the Yoboogle post earlier today: So it begins….


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