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Media needed an overhaul: Where were the consequences for going too far?

March 2, 2015

This needed to be posted here. It was too good just for one blog. What do you think? I would like to know. 

What’s with all these top notch reporters on major television shows ‘embellishing the truth? Brian Williams got a six month suspension from the NBC Nightly News anchor chair, since taken over by Lester Holt. Bill O’Reily was still suffering from his report on a JFK story. It appeared that the audio refuted his earlier claims. What was this, a witch hunt?

In all fairness, this blogger really did a 360 when it came to watching his show on the Fox News Network. Being neither a Republican  nor a fan of the network itself since his bashing of the late Michael Jackson a few years back preferred to either change the channel or turn off the TV altogether. My job as a blogger was to write how I felt about certain situations without becoming too controversial. While it was unfortunate that Brian Williams preceded O’Reilly in the untruth department, he should face the same penalty as Brian Williams.

Granted Bill O’Reilly had been the loudest over his distaste of Jackson’s personality and the media coverage of his death. There were major discussions in my former Sunday School Class over whether he was a Christian, being shunned by Jehovah Witnesses because of  his ‘Thriller’ single from the famous album. Even after apologizing for the video in Awake magazine, The Watchtower view was against spiritualism conflicted, he left that church. As for my feelings about O’Reilly, were that his mouth would cause trouble one day. He did this to himself, just like Williams and Rancic.  All of them took things too far. Two of them lied and the other uttered a racial innuendo over Zendaya’s dreadlocks. The media should have zero tolerance for these things just like plagiarism.

Before reporting the news became an almost anything went media, news anchors and entertainers before  O’Reilly and Rancic, people that were top officials in their field had a sense of right and wrong. The stories reported by them were checked and recheck for accuracy without the blasting a person, lying and racial slurs. They only filmed for the news reels and television broadcasts. O’Reilly and Guiliana Rancic should face some punishment as yet to be determined. Their rung on the ladder didn’t matter.

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